Ideas for Killer Instinct Spin Off Games

You know what would be very hype? If Microsoft decided to do spin off games for some of the Killer Instinct characters and I have a pretty solid pitch for one. They should do a action/adventure/hack and slash game starring Killer Instinct’s very own Jago.

It should play something akin to Ninja Gaiden and Darksiders, but I think the best inspiration would be Devil May Cry and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. Why these two games specifically? Killer Instinct core combat system centers around stringing combos. DMC and MK: Shaolin Monks have a similar system and I think that would make a wonderful foundation for this Killer Instinct game. It could also introduces “parries” or “counter breakers” as the game could call it. Introduce magic or projectiles in the game, since Jago has fireballs

Story wise, it could take place before or after Killer Instinct and could be an awesome way to expand the world of KI. Introduce new characters, have some existing characters make cameo appearances, and if they wanted to, it could be a cool way to setup future KI games.

Killer Instinct has the potential to be a very marketable franchise for MS, and best way to make it marketable is to put the property out in the open and do different and new things with the IP. I seriously hope so, because I for one would love to see more KI games in the future.

How about you guys? If you have an idea for a KI spin off game, talk about it in the comments. It would pretty cool if someone with connections with Microsoft could see these ideas and maybe pitch the idea with someone. One could hope, right?

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C’mon guys, I’m sure some of you people have some real interesting ideas and concepts that are just waiting to come out. I would really like this thread to pick up and hopefully get someone’s attention. Also, I think it will be something cool to discuss.


Your idea with Jago, remember Mythogies Sub-Zero? It won’t be well received. MK story modes? Fighting game spinoffs have been notoriously bad. Mainly because the developers make well built fighting games, not other genres. Only way you’d get a good one is enlisting another developer, but that wouldn’t be a spinoff, it would turn into a whole new game. If KI made a spinoff, they would want to stand out, and be unique as KI has always been. Innovative, new, thats how they’ve always done things.

One thing I would like to see honestly… Since it’s kinda already built, make a game based around the old KI card game from 1994-1995. Put some animations from the game in for specific things like combo breaker and stuff. That would be a game that wouldn’t be hefty on design since the cards exist, just executing the game itself. Making it flashy and run smoothly. They could even make it a partner game, with specific unlocks on each that wouldn’t be skill based unlocks so that everyone has a chance to get them. Like profile icons, flavor texts, backgrounds, maybe some accessories? Who knows but, when people make spinoff games, they don’t want it to replace the primary game. They want it to increase the appeal of it. Tieing them together like that would definitely do that.

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I think it could work. I think a DMC style game would be best suited. Some people don’t know this but the pro DMC guys do a lot of the same stuff pro fighting game players do, they have to learn combos, cancels, recovery time for moves/study frame data etc.

Could Jago carry a game my himself though? Maybe they could do a DMC 4 where you play as 2 characters, and you could have Jago and Orchid who could have their own distinct moves/abilities.

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I wish we would get new Battletoads game, after people got reminded about them with Rash.

That was the idea I was going for. I didn’t want any spin off games to take away from KI, just something to expand the universe. Think of how the newer Ninja Gaiden games are a spin off from the Dead or Alive games (even though Ninja Gaiden came out first, is the first Ninja Gaiden games even related to the new games, or are they their own unique thing?)

Also I do remember the KI trading cards. It would be cool for them to do something with them.

I’m guessing we’re talking about a God of War/Batman Arkham-esque beat 'em up type game where you just destroy waves and waves of baddies while an announcer is constantly yelling out combo names? Sounds awesome! Just imagine playing as Jago or Thunder fighting waves of riptors and fulgores. They could even have Shadow Jago as a boss fight…only if you’re playing as Jago it goes to kinda a dream world where he has an internal struggle, but if you’re someone else you just have an outward fight.

Yeah, there’s lots of potential there.

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Why not have a game about the Night Guard? You play as Maya, Jago, Orchid or TJ and it would allow lots of cameos and fleshing out, both of the story and world.

Ninja Gaiden isn’t a spinoff of the Dead or Alive games. He made one cameo appearance. That would be like saying Star Wars and Zelda are a spinoff of Soul Calibur. It just doesn’t make sense. The best way to put it, would be an indie game. Something easily parable with the KI game itself. But then again, we have shadow lords coming :ghost: that’s basically our spinoff of sorts.

A killer instinct rpg that plays like jade empire. You pick wether you want to join the resistance or join ultratech. It will take you all over the world and be open world. You can train with anyone of your favorite fighters and the end game would be entering the ki tournament. It could take place before or during the gargos invasion.

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Could you please clarify what you meant when you said “he made one cameo appearance”. Who are you referring to? Ryu Hayabusa? If you are, Ryu has appeared in all of the Dead or Alive games. I did some more research and apparently Dead or Alive is considered the spin-off game and Ninja Gaiden is the primary game.

Ohhhhhh, Jade Empire. I’ve missed that fantastic game.

No, Ryu Hyabusa in DOA would be like if they made Rash a regular KI character, but they still made a new Battletoads series.

A KI spin-off made by Platinum Games would be awesome.

How about something akin to Anarchy Reigns?

I didn’t know he was in every game, I haven’t played them all but he was only on the cover one time.

Yeah, well with DOA jiggle physics is the main attraction…

Ok so i was making a spin off topic when i saw this one first, thought id give my 2 cents on the matter, i think a Hack and Slash/RPG would be a great idea, i look at Shadow Lords now and i think “This mode is a really neat idea, but in a fighting game its a tad strange, not entirely in a bad way” now think about a party based hack and slash rpg done in a similar style as Dragon Age Inquisition, but its in the world of KI?

Imagine making your own character and partying up with Tusk, Orchid, and Sabrewulf, or maybe Maya, Mira, and TJ, fighting off both Ultratech and the forces of Gargos? i think theres a rich assortment of ideas that could actually work with KI’s extended universe

Here are a few things I’d like to see:

A classic side scrolling Streets of Rage style game with polished up KI Gold era graphics, but built from the ground up to be this style of game and not a Tekken Force clone where a character’s basically transferred directly from the fighting game to the beat-em up.

Characters: Jago, Orchid, Thunder and Kim Wu. The goal is to fight your way through a desolate, post-apocalyptic city that’s broken up in to levels in order to get to Ultratech Tower and ultimately defeat ARIA. You’d fight several bosses along the way including Spinal, Fulgore, Sadira, and Cinder. Rash could be a bonus, hidden character.

I’d also like to see a 3D MK Shaolin Monks style co-op game with modern graphics where you fight your way through the lore that happens before, during and after the tournament that leads up to the events of the current KI. The twist is that you’d switch sides between two sets of two characters, but you’d build up their skills and powers over the course of the game, gaining new moves, new abilities, etc.

Characters: You’d start off with Jago and Sabrewulf on one side, and Cinder and Sadira on the other. Through the course of the game, you’d unlock the ability to play additional run through’s with Orchid, Maya and Tusk for the good guys, and Mira, Kan Ra, and Fulgore for the bad guys. The places you go, the story you play through, the characters you fight, etc are all dependent on which characters are chosen. The ultimate goal is to get to the KI Tournament and play out your story and what you do there.

I’d also love a KI 4 character turn-based JRPG. This could involve playing through all of the lore of the series while adding a considerable amount of additional content. The ultimate goal would be saving Earth, defeating Gargos and restoring the Ichoriens. The story would start prior to the KI Tournament and continue on toward battleing Ultratech as the mid-game goal before the invasion begins and priorities shift and uneasy alliances are formed.

The story would revolve around a variety of ideas for different characters. Kim Wu growing up and embracing her destiny, character relationships such as Jago’s estrangement from Orchid, Maya and Tusk meeting and falling in love, Sabrewulf trying to regain his humanity, the motivations behind Sadira’s lust for power, Thunder trying to save his brother from himself, Aganos trying to find some sort of mission to keep going, etc.

This would also lead in to the second half of the game where the villains and the heroes must come together to battle a greater threat, and how they’re able to coexist. Themes would involve love, betrayal, forgiveness, jealousy, evolution of opinions, backstabbing, death, remorse, new and unexpected bonds, etc.

The structure of the game would be along the lines of Dragon Age: Inquisition, where you have main story missions, but also a large number of side quests to give you the origins of several characters as well as playing out their sub plots, not just in a “here’s the Aganos mission,” but over the course of several missions, you get larger bits for one character here, but smaller bits for other characters there as well. It’d be a process of fully fleshing out the characters and giving them all an equal role in the story, not just bit parts in a story between Jago and Gargos.

Decisions would have real consequences in terms of who will be able to join your party, which story branches open up, and the ultimate ending. The ending would be predetermined in terms of the result, but how the characters end up, who lives and dies, who ends up together, who’s story is resolved in a positive, negative or somewhat ambiguous way, or not at all, would be solely determined by player choice.

Over the course of the game, you’d level up a variety of stats including attack power and health, buy and sell weapons, armor and clothing that would look different on your party, health and revive potions, potions to buff you and debuff opponents, you’d gain new special attacks, single character and multi-character combo attacks, magical attacks and spells, 5th character single summon attacks, basically anything you could find in a JRPG would be served here, but with a well defined KI twist and perhaps some new ideas as well.

Guardians would also play a huge role in this, and there would be several more of them. Some of them would be familiars that float next to your character in battle while buffing you or debuffing the opponent. Some of them would be actual monsters that you can bring in as a player controlled character that replaces a party member for a short time, and some of them would be single use massive attacks.

Characters: You’d start as Jago, but over the course of the game, you’d have the ability to add Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Orchid, Sadira, Spinal, Cinder, TJ Combo, Maya, Tusk, Kim Wu, Mira, and Aganos to your party, though your decisions will affect whether you meet them at all and whether they’d want to join you.

You can have up to four characters in your active party, but you can also send another party of four characters at various junction points to complete missions or tasks. They’ll level up at a slightly lesser rate as your active party, (but still better than characters on your bench), and they’ll also gain new items and rewards. You can call back any character from the travel party, but you have to exchange them with another from your bench or your active party.

You will also be able to switch between these two parties whenever you want, making the travel party your active party to start up the story for those characters or continue it, and you can bring the travel party back to the active party at various junction points. Sometimes the story will dictate when you switch and sometimes you will control this.

Some special battles will require the use of both parties, and switching back and forth between them in the same dungeon and in the same battle itself. Some battles will also require more than four characters, or as few as a one on one duel, which will look and play similar to an actual KI match.

I’d also love the suggestion above for a Jade Empire style game set in the KI universe. That would be amazing, and probably far more likely than a KI turn-based JRPG, but I’d definitely be happy with either one!

Tagline for game’s title…
Killer Instinct Chronicles: The False Tiger God

Interesting idea indeed.