Ideas for an elder fighter (male or female)

Following the legacy of elder fighters in fighting games:

Street Fighter: Gen & Gouken
Tekken: Wang & Heihachi
Dead or Alive: Gen Fu
Virtua Fighter: Shun Di
King of Fighters: Tung Fu Rue & Chin Gentsai
Mortal Kombat: Shujinko

They’re all male. But what of female? How will that work? Or both?

One old male who’s a hunter of the Night Guard in Europe

And one old female who’s in the classic Chinese kung fu master - something like Yu Yu Hakusho’s Genkai.

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Not even close.

He’s pretty damn old.


Aganos, Gargos, Tusk and Eyedol are even older


So many daddies. :heart:

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Not those.

I’m guessing you want some sort of sensei type of character is that correct? Personally however, if we get more characters I hope they look towards more of the monster scene then adding more humans/humaniods.


Someone to look out for the heroes. Jago & Orchid need someone who’ll be looking out for them. And to help them solve the mystery of their family’s connection to Ultratech.

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The thing is that the heroes form KI are pretty well versed in martial arts, most of them have trained for decades, or have supernatural powers/spirits that aid them

An elder sensei seems like a waste for me, since he should be another super natural being with some short of super powers, hence, failing to be an elder martial artist, which seems a bit bland compared to a werewolf, a dimmensional demon, a self aware AI in a self build mechanichal body, or a living golem, just to name a few

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How about a Night Guard warrior, female and old?

Like Maya, or somehow, Mira?


I would love a cranky old lady gouken.

A female elder fighter is rare in fighting games.

… Is it even a thing? I can’t think of a single one right now…

Couldn’t agree more. I’d love to see not only this character, but this plotline play out in the story. I also think that @anon39655210 hit it right on the head. THAT’S the character I want to see.

I don’t think a human is a waste of time just because you’d rather they be something else. I human can have supernatural powers and I think an old sage / master is a pretty cool character design in most games. I think they could use the KI training mode guy as a classic look, then have a much more ornate design for the modern version.

Personally, I’m looking for quality character designs, and I don’t think that one style inherently gets an advantage over the other. A werewolf or a robot or a demon can be boring or exciting depending on how they’re designed, same goes with humans. But that’s just me. I know you tend to prefer the monsters over the humans, if I’m not mistaken, and that’s totally cool too.

Yeah I was just trying to think of one and I’m drawing a blank.

@Iago407, and @anon39655210 If it’s never happened before way not have KI be the first? Just to take a spin on a fighting game trope.

I think that’d be great! Maybe either an old female sage, or a perhaps an old witch. She doesn’t have to be evil, mind you, she could be an eccentric hermit that’s there to help the heroes and uses spells, earthly powers, the elements, a cauldron, whatever. Or she can be evil and borderline-demonic looking or whatever.

Either way, I think having an old female sage / wise martial artist or an old witch which would be a cool addition to the game, and one not commonly seen in the genre (or in video games as a whole).

A proper evil old hag would be great, I’d love a really terrifying mean old witch type, white hair, wrinkles, warts, the more disturbing the better. :grin: