Idea for knight/mage style character

I know some people want a medieval style character, whether it be a knight or wizard, and I personally think it would be cool to do a mix of the two. I like to use other characters from other games to think of cool ideas. In this case, Ganondorf, from the Legend of Zelda would be a cool idea for a character.

The character could essentially be a dark knight, and maybe even be Eyedol’s equivalent to Omen. The character could use a mix of sword and dark magic attacks and be a footsies/zoning based character. I didn’t really think too much into the actual move set, but the hybrid knight/warlock could be a fairly aged man who is evil, but orderly, like a lawful evil sort of person. Maybe even as a magical judge sort of being that condemns humanity for bringing Gargos (or Eyedol, if he comes in) out of their prisons.

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Since KI is a modern/futuristic post-apocalyptic setting, I’d prefer if the mage-like character was that as well, and not something taken out from a medieval fantasy setting. I don’t think it would fit well. Even Tusk who is an ancient barbarian has gotten a modern twist on his appearance.

I like this idea…KI needs something with a touch of Dark Souls in it… I have suggested to Adam that Eyedol have this touch.
I also would love for a Hunter ala Bloodborne but I know that would never happen since its PS exclusive.

But your right… we need something medieval.

It wouldn’t be a problem to modernize it, so long as they have the medieval aspects to it (like Reinhardt’s rockets that help him charge/ swing his hammer in Overwatch). On the flip side, Kan-Ra doesn’t look modern, and he still turned out to be a great character. I personally don’t mind if a character like this came out looking modern or medieval, because I think the fusion of mage and knight would be a fun character.

Ahhhh I love Dark Souls. Making an Artorias, Darkwraith, or Velstadt style character would be great. I would like for there to be a warlock in KI, but I feel like pure magic may end up making him a pure zoner, so the addition of a sword (or axe, hammer, mace, etc) could give him some “in your face” style along with the defensive spell casting.

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Hellyeah…great idea! He could be like a combo of Kan-ra + Jago (magic and sword)

His instinct could be fire sword and his special trait could be Ashen Estus flasks! LOL- JK

dark knight best knight. perfect balance of might magic and brutality. im talking flaming chokeslam, imbuing his sword with various element, mid range magic spells, punching a guy then exploding his fist.

basically urien from SF mix with ganondorf and either alucard from castlevania or darth vader

and lets not forget about the aegis reflector, gotta bring that into KI somehow. juggling someone off of that into a flaming choke slam a little like gargos would feel amazing

have you ever read the Dresden Files?

I want him to have an attack like the special attack for the dark hand in DS1. Choking someone with a darkness imbued gauntlet is a must for this character!

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No idea what that is.

The attack I thought of the most for this character is something like Ganondorf’s side special in Smash. It could be a command grab like Gargos’ where you choose how to end the throw. Blast their face and launch them full screen for some zoning spells, slam them on the floor in front of you for a hard knockdown, or steal instinct/shadow/health bar. And different strengths can make it a floating dash grab (like Ganondorf’s), anti-air grab, or point blank grab.

So… Constantine stole Indiana Jones’ whip and took a trip to Jurassic Park for a ride on the t-rex through central London.

… Flawless.

me too but more like a fusion of urien new critical art from SF5 and ganondorfs side special from smash(in case you didnt know urien CA is spoilers!! a black energy ball he slams in front of him causing a giant pillar of energy enveloping him and the enemy). i also think the different option from grabbing someone would make him/her too similar from gargos especially the blow them away and set up zoning spells. a charecter like this i feel should use mid range magic as a way to bring you closer to him and let him mellee you with either his sword or fist. long range shenanigans should be his weakpoint although the aegis reflector i mentioned that can reflect projectiles (except shadow ones) would surely help.

the slam should be his damage ender and just cause a hard knockdown. the last thing we need is someone complaining about 2 characters sharping something lol it seems to be a popular thing people complain about

Actually, I really like that idea. It could tie in the magic and melee perfectly. Spells that counter zoning in order to get the character into melee range would be a fun style. I want this now!

Give it a Nightmare vibe!

Tusk felt Siegfried to me.


I remember seeing somewhere on youtube that there might have been a character in KI down the road named jeriko and that he was meant to be an undead knight. I guess it never haven’t. Then again it was just a random person on youtube so perhaps it was never true.

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I don’t mind that at all! Honestly, this character could be a hollowed knight like the ones in Dark Souls, a demonic looking one like the guy you posted (I don’t really know much about Nightmare), or just a violent old dude like Ganondorf. I would prefer the character to be an old man (in his 50s) because that’s my ideal image for a mage-like character.

Undead would be cool because it’s lot like Dark Souls. I would love for any type of knight to be in this game.

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id probably go for the headless knight idea, a dullahan per se