Idea For Another Announcer

Since we have the Arbiter who is from halo brand, we should have something extra from halo… We should get the Halo Multiplayer Announcer! This will give the game a diverse amount of announcers, and the Halo Announcer is hype! It would encourage players to do better because of his hyper commentary on basic aspects of the game. If you don’t know who he is, heres an example:


It would be cool if we had a celebrity voice, like Michael Buffer or Snoop Dogg for lolz.

Larry “Supermouth” Huffman would be dope.

I would like to see a strong female announcer, like a feminine version of mike.

Something very powerful like that ;

I’ve recommended this as well, I think it would give both Microsoft IP’s some awesome synergy.

Now we just need a Fulgore armor in Halo 5. :sunglasses:

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I want the Voice of the Agency from Crackdown.

The Halo announcer is a great idea! I’d also like to hear Microsoft Sam as joke/not-joke announcer as well.

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It’d be cool if they added an omen or gargos announcer(if he’s a character that speaks a lot) because as much as people dislike omen he does have great voice.

I’ve been of the opinion that the Halo announcer should be in KI for a while. I also agree that a female announcer would be a good idea (with a stronger voice with more hype). I mean nothing against Aria as an announcer, but I think we should have a stronger female announcer as an alternative as well.

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I think a demon would make a good announcer.

I think it would be cool to have many different choices for announcers like in blazblue you could unlock announcers by completing that character’s arcade and then buying it with in game currency it would be interesting to see something similar to that

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soooooo pretty much a gargos announcer then

a newat idea but I think this should be a the bottom of the list like way waayy at the bottom. Still it is a neat idea.

They did make ARIA an announcer, so they might end up making Gargos an announcer, who knows…

And think how sick it would be if Halo added the Killer Instinct announcer in for their medals!!! Add Fulgore armor set too(and others i mean they had Ryu Hayabusa back in H3).

This would be glorious

If I could suggest more voices…

Gargos Announcer
Eyedol Announcer
Omen/Shago Announcers
Funky Announcer
Sinister Announcer
Classy Announcer
Woman Announcer
Multi language Announcers done by different actors. (Maybe a Russian voice like in SkullGirls. Speaking of which…)
Drunk Announcer. Mike and Chris, that would be amazing, and also extremely hilarious.

DSP and Lowtiergod voice clips. I would pay for their ranting sequences during ultras.

I’d like to see more announcers tbh.

Announcers that I would pay to have:

Cinder(For the lols)
Rash(more lols!)
Sabrewulf/Riptor(as joke commentators)
Halo announcer
Shadow Lords/S2 cinematics narrator
Locust Queen from Gears of War
@Marbledecker(AKA THE VOICE)
Vin Diesel(AKA The Other Voice)
Street fighter III and IV annonuncer

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This one would be even nore hype if they changed some of the names of the combos to names of kill streaks in Halo. Like for example change Godlike to Unfrigginbelieveable.