Idea For Another Announcer

Of course! They can have aditional and exclusive lines.

Halo announcer would have kill streak names
Rash would have lines like “Party crasher combo!” "Maniac combo!"
Sabrewulf and Riptor would be all like “Gruauuuug!!!” “Sheeeeesh!!!” and stuff like that XD
Gargos would say “Pityful” when dropping a combo
@Marbledecker could not say correctly any name of the characters(Since he usually says mine wrong XD it’s Dayvo! /'deɪvəʊ/ !!)

Low. Tier. Gawd. No one else needed.

Please don’t really do this.

I’m gonna start calling you Daewoo now. :smiling_imp:

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Thank you kindly, Mr. Dubedydoo32!

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On a side note it always bothers me that Arbiter’s stage ultra says “cratered.” I wish it said “splattered” which is the Halo medal one would get.

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John DiMaggio.

That is all.

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