Idea for a Rematch mode so S1&2 characters aren't forgotten

Hello all,

So I know season 1 characters are sometimes mentioned in the story for season 2 but some of them were left by the wayside as the new fighters got the spotlight. Of course it’s important to show off your new shiny people but I worry with even more new characters for season 3 our old buddies from seasons past will continue to get overlooked.

So I was thinking that a new mode that had a story element could be added called “Rematch” to kind of fit in with the whole Rivals thing from season 2. Basically you’d select ‘Rematch’ and it would give you 5 or 6 tiers to choose from with increasing difficulty. Each one would be a mini-story mode where it would focus on 3 or 4 different characters and what they’ve been up to since season 1 and 2 and develop their character and their relationship with other characters through these rematches. This could be bare bones (heh, Spinal reference) as well with the characters talking through text on the screen and big portraits like you see in story modes for anime fighting games.

What do you guys think? Does it have potential? Is it just too complicated of an idea?


This does sound interesting, like a mini-version of Rivals from S2.

I’d be down for that. I was talking to someone in a different topic about something somewhat similar. Almost like MKX’s towers only at the end, you get some sort of character development. Like a picture and text or something along those lines, that advances their story or provides some more background or whatever.

I think MKX’s living towers are a little pointless at the moment. Sure, you get something to customize your profile with, but considering how many of those there are in the game to begin with, is that really a reward? Sure, it’s better than nothing, but given the fact that characters’ arcade endings are more or less throw-aways since they’re “what-if” endings, getting some more story would be welcome, especially for characters like Kung Lao (for example) that were barely in story mode.

So yeah, long story short, anything else that I can play that gives me some more canon story/background for the characters would be awesome in my book.

This is why I preferred the challenge tower from MK 2011 over the living towers from MKX. The challenge towers had small, contained stories that could be pretty creative and entertaining (remember Mileena’s Teddy?). I really wish the living towers had small stories with text with some of them. It couldn’t be that hard to implement.

Anyway back to Killer Instinct. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I was thinking with the Rematch mode. The stories wouldn’t even have to be cannon but give us a little more story with these characters. Hell, what if each level unlocked a small comic with the fighters involved. That to me would be awesome.

I certainly would like to see more development and involvement with Spinal - he got nothin’ in S2’s story…

He got beat up pretty bad in Season 2. (Just like Fulgore)

Same here. I’d like to see more on Sadira, Orchid and Shago as well. Heck, I’d like to see all characters get some sort of story update in S3. I know it’s hard to touch upon the 18 characters that make up S1 and S2 but they shouldn’t just be forgotten in the grand narrative now that their season is gone.