I would like to see more competitive Kan-Ra players

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They really are an endangered species in Season 3.

I was just watching one of Max’s “Week Of Kilgore” videos and there is this Kan-Ra that has some interesting looking set ups and mix ups. He is straight up bodying him too.

Its quite refreshing to see!

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I know that Brick is a good Ra player but I wouldn’t say Max got bodied here.

It’s a 2-1 and Brick made a lot of questionable decisions and some straight up mistakes. Also, when you open up your opponent you gotta stop doing anything fancy and go for damage.
As I said, Brick is a good player but this was far from his best play.


Ra has always been a rare character, even in S2 when he bodied every other character 10-0 for free.

There is a Kan Ra video thread.

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All the high tier Kan-Ra players have to put in much more time than just about any other character. Alongside the time you have to dedicate, the whole “Improvements to Kan-Ra thread” explains why he’s a little behind the rest of the cast. It’s just… really really hard man.

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I like Kan Ra a lot. His unique design, his move list, the idea of using traps to set up the opponent, all the fun stuff he can do with sand out… I played Kan Ra a lot in season 2, but switched off of him when season 3 started.

He just feels too weak to me. I love his move set, his design, etc, but while he’s incredibly fun in practice, it just feels like too much work in actual game situation to balance all the plates he needs to balance in order to be successful consistently enough to win versus an opponent that almost always has far less to do in order to equal or exceed his damage output.

I could be wrong on that, but it’s how it feels to me. I have zero problems with him being a more difficult character to use successfully or with scarabs hitting less and having smaller hitboxes (totally agree with that one, actually), or his defensive weaknesses or the fact that he has to work harder to get less.

But when I am using him successfully, it still feels like he’s a bit too far below most other characters in terms of damage output; a little too much in the “getting less” department as it pertains to my hard work, which makes the effort feel slightly less worth it and makes him feel slightly less fun as a result.

Sorry, I hate to keep using “it feels like,” as that’s more or less an indicator of my lack in researching. Maybe I’m just a biased character user that wants buffs and I don’t realize it. I just think that I’d enjoy him more if the payoff in many situations felt worth it. I’m not asking to up his “cheapness” or frustration factor for opponents. Just give him a bit more damage on certain moves to help put his combos more in line with what some (not all, but some) of the other characters can do with a similar combo string.

Kan ra is the hardest character to play at a high level. Using him in tournament just isn’t worth it for most


I was always intrigued by Kan-ra, but since I play on pad I’ve always felt I was handicapped when trying to use him. His super-jumps are just to awkward to do on pad, so I really just avoided him…which is a shame because I think he looks fun.

if you have issues with the super jump you might be right in avoiding him. It’s probably his easiest input and only gets harder from there. Some of his inputs and execution is just so crazy as of right now.

Yeah. I haven’t really tried him in S3 since I got my new elite controller, but I figure I’d have the same, or similar, issues with him as I was having with my other controllers. That being said, if we could have more than 2 shadows at one time, he’d be on the short list for me.

Kan ra is super hard to play but if you can actually play him you usually are a force to be reckoned with.


Okay guys. I am streaming right now. Let’s learn together.


If I weren’t in school I would totally jump on and watch you.

Didn’t play that well tonight. But won most of my matches. That one Jago player was very good.
Need to learn how to break linkers by looking at Ra’s hit stun animation

You should make your past broadcasts available. I was hoping to see it after work.

Not sure how I do that.


Found the check box.

Follow me on Twitter: @Hogni_
Will tweat there when the next stream is going to happen.
Don’t expect much. It’s just me playing the game. Won’t talk or anything. Not yet at least

I’ve just started playing Kan Ra and noticed that his medium and fierce standing and crouching punches have no effect at close range. Has Kan Ra always had that problem or is it a glitch?

  1. It has always been that way
  2. You can turn on the hitboxes in training mode to see for yourself
  3. Why would you use these moves from short distance?
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Because I get a sense of security being able to use a sweep attack when the other guy gets in close.

Your gonna need to spend a LOT of time in the lab if your finding yourself asking questions like that.
But if you have any questions feel free to ask them to me here, on this post. I don’t think there is anyone more qualified to answer you questions than @lHagenl @ItzTymeToDul @FREAKYJASON @Fubuki and Myself. (I’m sorry if I forgot anybody lol) We’ll all do our best to answer.

Actually that goes for everyone.


Thanks for the help

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