I Would Like To Apologize

For those who don’t know me, I was a regular poster on the these forums a while back. And, I gotta say, I wasn’t the most positive of individuals when I was active.

In fact, looking back, I am amazed and shocked at how disgustingly negative I was for a game I love so much. Sure, I was unhappy with the way KI was being handled, but my reaction was bordering on hate. I was in a very bad place,

There is no game like Killer Instinct and it’s a blessing to have it in my life. I would like to thank MS, DH, IG and everyone else involved for the ingenuity and all the hard work that has gone into making it a reality. I wish you all the best.


In this day and age, I know it is politically correct to issue an apology, or to give a statement for any comment that may not sit well in the stomachs of the public.
While your sincere and heartfelt apology is appreciated and readily accepted, it is not necessary.
I do not know what kind of circumstance you had happened to be in. Just remember that you have the right to say what you want without apology, as long as your willing to accept the consequences of what you say no matter what that may be.
I would say that if you were convinced your grievance had merit, then it was good that you said it. The truth is not always kind, but the truth still needs to be heard.


It’s the sign of a mature mind to be able to admit mistakes (and contrary to popular belief, an apology is not weakness). I’m glad you’re in a better place now.


No worries! It takes a lot to apologize like this. I accept it!

Feel free to hang out with us and talk if you’d like. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think many of us said things in the heat of the moment, there were many things I disliked about KI some of which I rather like now (Kan-ra comes to mind)

I think hindsight is a beautiful thing, and when you lose so much in your life it’s hard to keep on hating on a game


The developers are not the issue, the game is great, The problem is microsoft and its senseless exclusivity that killed KI popularity . how can u make a KI that has been absent for long an exclusive, terrible business decision

Yeah, I remember you, man. You were rather critical, but I never took you to be someone that outright hated the game (if you were wondering whether you came off that way). Good on you though either way for seeing your behavior and realizing it wasn’t up to your own personal standards.

Much respect.

A few things… 1. KI has ALWAYS been exclusive to one console. The fact that it was gone for a long time shouldn’t change that. 2. First party publishers use their exclusives to sell their systems. Prioritize KI all you want, but it exists to sell Xbox One’s, not PS4s or Switches. Otherwise, why should anyone have any exclusives at all? Why have multiple systems then? Let’s just have one system and the developer can charge us anything they want because there’s no competition and oh wait… That’s a terrible idea.

I get that you want what’s best for KI and I respect that, really I do. But how are you so incapable of seeing this from Microsoft’s side? They’re not here to make us what we want out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re here to invest in projects that will make them money. KI is a moderate return on a moderate investment, but it exists to sell Microsoft’s hardware.

Did Nintendo put Smash on Xbox and PS4? Did Sony put Playstation All Stars on Xbox and Switch? No, and there are very obvious reasons for that which I’ve already outlined. I’m not trying to cheerlead for MS, but in this situation, I don’t see how you can fault them when they’ve been starving for exclusives for a large portion of this generation, and you want to take one more away? Just stop.

You are not getting the point, playstation all stars are not as big as Killer instinct when it comes to impact… did sony not put SF4 on xbox when they were still capcom…all these exclusivity klills things. KI greatnes was killed by microsoft selfishness. what is stopping KI from being on all consoles, if not for greed and selfishness.

KI is greater than microsoft, forget the fact that they own it. they will kill KI forever if they continu with the senseless exclusivity that doesnt help the game grow worldwide . Even americans that own xbox are terribly disappointed how KI went

No, you’re not getting the point. Killer Instinct, as much as I love it, does not do Halo numbers or Gears numbers or God of War numbers or Uncharted numbers and even if it did? Those games are STILL exclusive to their consoles because MS and Sony still need to give fans a reason to buy their console specifically and not their competitions.

SF4 was multiplatform, so I’m assuming you mean Street Fighter V? Sony put up a substantial amount of money to make SFV happen, otherwise that game likely doesn’t exist. As much as it might suck for Xbox owners, I think that type of investment gives Sony the right to exclusivity.

Selfishness? Seriously, what reality do you live in? The gaming industry is cut-throat. If your game doesn’t meet it’s milestones, it gets killed off by the publisher and people lose jobs. If the game comes out in to a massive marketplace and doesn’t sell, there’s a good chance that people lose jobs and maybe the studio even closes.

I have multiple friends that have worked in the game industry for years. One of them works on LOL and has had steady employment for years, but the rest of them haven’t been so lucky. They all worked at five or more different companies in the last ten years, which means packing up and moving their family to Seattle, to southern California, to Chicago, to Austin, Texas, back to Seattle, etc.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all of this. I’m telling you because as much as you love this series, and I love it too, you seem to think that these companies are making games out of the goodness of their hearts and it’s honestly baffling to me. I’m sure many of these people love games like we do, but at the end of the day, their goal is company profit.

Microsoft’s Xbox Division is in the business of selling Xboxs. Not PS4s, not Switches. You do that through providing great services, great online, great interfaces, great ecosystems, but more so than that, you do it through great exclusives. What you see as greed and selfishness is a company trying to maximize their profit by leveraging the intellectual properties they’ve grown and cultivated or purchased over the years. It’s what Sony and Nintendo does as well.

Well, as an American, I’m going to disagree with you on that. Yes, some people were disappointed with the game, but you can’t please everyone, and most people that have come and gone around here seemed pretty happy with it. The game also reviewed well and only got better over time.

It’s strange that in one breath, you talk about how great KI is, but in the other, you talk about how terribly disappointed people were with KI. Do you mean with the exclusivity? Because at least around here, 99% of people were either happy with it just being on Xbox, or wanted it on PC and/or Steam and both of those happened. So I’m not sure where you’re getting “terribly disappointed” from, unless you’re just trying to project your opinion on to other people and pretend that everyone else thinks the way you do with nothing to support that idea.

No, KI is not greater than Microsoft and I’m not just going to ignore the fact that they own it. MS owns KI, just as they own all of Rare’s IPs, plus Halo, Forza, Gears, Fable, Crimson Skies, MechAssault and many other IPs. They, like Sony and Nintendo, put out their own exclusive games for profit, but mainly to get players to buy their systems. The sooner you square with that idea, the sooner you might realize that keeping KI exclusive wasn’t senseless or selfish, it’s business; it’s incentive to purchase their hardware. Just like every other exclusive out there for every other system.


This again? So Microsoft should give away the exclusive IPS? It should be better then to discontinue the xbox division. I don’t see Sony going multiplatform on god of war or the last of us. Every company needs to count on exclusives IPS to be attractive. These PlayStation suck-ups…