I think it’s fair we get one more update… ULTS FOR ALL

Ults for all ults for all ults for all!!! Cmon everyone let’s all download the update make the servers slammed and make a final demand for everyone to have an ultimate!!

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Assets/cinematics for Ultimates require way more work than recolors and balance changes, so I think a free update with Ults for all is very, very unlikely to happen, and considering how much we got already it’s also kind of unfair to ask. Hopefully the devs can get to work on a Season 4 or a new game altogether in the future and make new ults to go with that.


I mean I’ll pay for it if we need to


I think they already said on the last stream that this was the last content update for KI. We’re not getting anything else beyond bug fixes, if I had to guess.

Honestly think what they did for the anniversary and what they’re doing now was way above and beyond. How many games don’t have any new content for like six years and then all of a sudden start adding more? This has been an awesome surprise tbh.


Same! I love all the new things that have happened with KI. But the game would feel so much more complete with ultimates for all! I’d 100% be down for paying for that as dlc!

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I wouldn’t complain if they add new cinematics, but the game is pretty much done by this point. Besides, it’s not exactly easy to update a game with old coding and architecture that might not be fit for today’s standards, which might also explain why there’s no PS port for instance.

The community being alive and the game itself having a great meta is a great feat. While the updates themselves aren’t huge and presentation changing, it shows that the devs care with their playerbase after all this time, so that’s a way for them to say thanks to all of us, at least that’s how I see it