I think Counter Breakers should be a little more polished

I wish they adressed counter breakers somehow. I
think that player who got locked out and attacker used counter breaker
miliseconds after him gets punished, is unfair.

Counter breakers after opponent`s lockout should not be available at all, or should put both players at neutral frames, instead of exposing attacker.

This is frustrating when attacked player guesses wrong, attacker does counter miliseconds after, and scrubby guesser gets free sweet succulent punish for that.

Care to explain this more? I personally don’t have any issues with counter-breaking after lockout and can’t relate.


You’re suggesting that if you press HP+HK to counter-break after your opponent locks out, that the counter-breaker shouldn’t happen at all? So, if my opponent makes a mistake, and I fail to capitalize on that mistake because of my own mistake, I should be rewarded?

While I personally like the idea (it would help me a whole lot), I don’t think it would be remotely fair or balanced. The whole point of counter-breakers is that you do them 1st. By failing that, the defending player gets a chance at capitalizing on your mistake, like you had a chance at capitalizing on theirs (even though you failed in the attempt). It’s all part of the back-and-forth dynamic that makes KI so much fun to play. By throwing a wrench into that dynamic, you could potentially break the game.

With less risk at counter-breaking, players would counter-break more and combo-break less, which doesn’t quite work. Currently, most players do both, with the game slightly in favor of combo-breakers over counter-breakers, but that’s a good thing, as you’re supposed to want to stop your opponent’s combos.


Please answer honestly.

If my attack hits you, and you input block just milliseconds later, but got hit anyway because you were late, is this ‘unfair’?


While I would argue that it is completely fair (Keits’ example’, not the OP’s), we know that lag can make up for a portion of those milliseconds when playing online, even with KI’s great online net-code. This means that even though I can block correctly before their attack, it can still not work due to their attack having already happened earlier, but being delayed on our end due to the lag itself.

…and for the record, I’m not suggesting we implement a block window delay. I’m suggesting that we find a way to eliminate lag. Completely. That’s probably impossible though… :confused:


So your opponent that couldn’t correctly guess break is a “scrubby guesser,” but you who couldn’t time your counter breaker are being punished by an unfair system? :thinking:


You are confusing lag with reactions.

Sometimes you can see an attack and although you try to block it, you get hit, because you couldn’t react on time. It happens all the time, offline included. And lag can make it worse, but KI is the best mitigating this

The problem here is not the lag. is either the unreactable move or your lack of reactions


Reaction time is definitely a skill - seeing what your opponent is doing, recognizing it, and identifying what you have to do, then implementing it - all in the span of a few milliseconds? That takes time and training (and even a bit of luck and intuition). Lag can and does, however, make that harder.

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There is nothing wrong with Counter breakers. Everyone that has issues (And I see this on the KI Facebook page daily) just insert counter breaker command where you would normally do a manual or auto double. Its that simple! Dont hit auto double then counter breaker if they are mash breaking or its a juggle.

You will get the CB every time if you use the CB command as your hit. DONE

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Totally fair

CBs are OK currently

While really good advice, I’ve had games where players would break perfectly on frame 1 over and over again, and never break when I would forego the AD/manual to counter-break. I often question at this point if they’re cheating somehow.

Your advice also doesn’t apply to more skilled players who have learned patience and effective reads, because they don’t rely on guessing as often.

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Counter breakers have terrible issues with rollback and lag, it is crap to drop a combo all together because I CB to someone who did it before I even had an opportunity to input the next move.

It’s as if they break between moves because of connection issue perhaps. All I know is that they are unreliable to me and unlike before leave me vaulnerable for making right reads.

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You dont CB on 1st frame against skilled players… you catch theme on juggles and Heavy AD baits.

Mash breakers = insert CB in place of AD or manual/ juggle hit
Skilled player = Heavy AD bait or insert CB for manual juggle hit.

You are just doing it at the wrong time. Its really easy to be honest. You just need to find when it works best for your characters and your best combos.

I’ve been told this a thousand times and still get the same results. Believe me, I have more than enough practice. Could even be display lag on my TV. Still, they often fail for me.

I’ve seen the difference display lag makes (between my TV and that of my brother’s TV), and it’s pretty bad - on a good 1, things react immediately at the press of a button; on the other though, not quite so much…

I’m abit confused here.

On one hand, it sounds like you’re saying there may be a slight bug there.

On another hand, it sounds like you’re saying the person who took a risky move to do a counter breaker shouldn’t get the lockout benefit.

However I’m gonna give the benefit of a doubt and assume it’s the first possible assumption. That being said: if Someone guessed the attack wrong that I was doing and I threw out a counter breaker. That means technically I should drop the combo by now and be open to an attack because they weren’t doing anything due to lockout by then.

That’s usually what happens to me anyway so I don’t quite see what you’re getting at?

Counter breakers are high risk but if’s a good thing to have them, because otherwise all this community forum would be filled is people complaining about “guess breaking” even more so than anything else.

Counter breakers work just fine… I just dont understand what the fuss is about. Its like Keits said… if it doesnt work for you then you were too late… period point blank. Why is that so hard to understand?

Bait with heavy ADs, bait with Shadow linkers, and insert CB for youo juggle manual… DONE, EASY, WALLAH , KILLER. :slight_smile:

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Again with the wheel reinvent…

Counter breakers were changed for season 3 for those unaware. Since the devopers feel that for winning the neutral, and making all the right reads I must also make a read for combo openings and be on point for a counter breaker, why not apply the same logic to the defender?

Forgoing an attack in place of a counter breaker is a yolo tactic that can backfire, especially if the opponent knows how to actually break and just mashes at some parts to exploit the system or throw you off.

In my opininon the current system in place is frustrating and moronic. Its as if they are making it to artificially force us to play the risky chicken combo game and take unecessary risks.

The matchup ends up devolving into a scrubby mess where fundamentals and neutral are thrown out the window in favor of just finding a combo opening and yolo time, cause why not?

That to me is not fun at all, its gimmicky and scrubby, and not a marvel or bb type of fun gimmick and cheese, more like a “why do i take this game seriously” gimmick.

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