I REALLY wish we could get Ultimates for remaining cast

Sorry for digging out this problem. I know these Ultimates got lukewarm reception, and some of them rightfully, but I would really love for the remaining cast would get theirs too.

I personally would really appreciate it, it’s more an equality thing, and it looks kind of jarring when players see only selected members of cast got a finishing move. Makes final product look incomplete.


i agree.


Although I do agree with you, this (non equal content for every character) is pretty common

Chun has more costumes than any character in SFV
Injustice 1 or MK have more costumes and old fatalities for several characters

Even one week old DBZF has characters with several Dramatic finish (Goku), while others, none

It would be neat to have ultimates for everyone tho


I agree.


I really wish Omen had an Ultimate and I think it would be a great Idea if they just outsource the remaining ones to Maximilian or someone that would do it for free or a very low fee.

But unfortunately I dont think we will ever get them in this current version of the game. If MS is doing anything right now…I feel that they are working towards a new game. Thats what they are doing while IG is finishing up other projects. And once IGs schedule is clear, they start building the sequel.
That’s what I think anyway

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Why would Max be able to make ultimates? He was just the guy contracted to make trailers, I highly doubt he’d be able to make ultimates.

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agreed. Max only had access to in game animation and assets. Every ultimate has at least a little new bit of stuff in it, which means that if he made the ultimate’s they would likely look less impressive (not to dog him) if he still only had pre-made stuff.

Ultimate’s are nothing more than edits of in game moves, ect that are in trailers. Why couldnt hework with someone and edit some of the moves into an ultimate? He could help make them better!

I dont think its that serious to shoot down someones idea…geez

If I recall correctly Max is only a video editor. He’s not the one that actually fiddles around with the in game characters, I think rukari did that, he would always say he was capturing footage.

Yes, same here and totally agree too

I agree. The game is wrapped up I think, but without every character having an Ultimate and those 4 missing stages, it feels incomplete.

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Hows that Kombat Kids 2 coming? Almost ready to release? huh? lol my kids are bugging me about it.


I couldn’t agree more. It’s extremely frustrating not all characters have Ultimates.


Everyone just needs to buy multiple editions of the game and have many more people buy the definitive edition. Simple. But in order to for that to happen, this game must be advertised in many small tournaments. I think you all know what to do after that. :wink: