I reach promotion 3 consecutives times.... in one day but then

Why 150 points of punishement?
its nesesary?
In gold i win 10 consecutives fights… and then promotion match is against a “2 star ultrakiller player” and obviously i loose.
Why a killer player can loose 20 matchs and nothing happens but the poor gold player loose ONE promotion match and then need to win at least 5 fights to reach promotion again…
very stupid to me.
I won 30 matchs and loose only 3 matchs and i cant reach killer.
Example of my day (today): loose promotion …850 points… win 7 matchs and promotion… loose match and 850 again… 7 moore wins to reach promotion and the a match against ultrakiller player… 850 points again… BROKEN AND UNFAIR, sir please revisit this broken thing

Dunno about that. If anything, it’s way too easy to get to killer rank.


My fiend, you call “easy” this:
Today i only need 150 points to reach killer…
I win 30 fights and loose only 3 fights in the total numbers of the day…
and i still in 850 points again !!! …
you see the problem here?
I win 27 fight for nothing.
thanks anyway.

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isn’t it like 5 fights to get 150 points

I fight against silver and bronze and only 5- 10 points win per match… and there is bronze player than be a killer before reset or change gamertag… not too easy.

Fair? Probably not, there is a random factor based on who you get as your opponent. But it’s definitely easy seeing as how you could get up there three times in a row.

if you asume all bronze silver players are noob you dont play killer instinct sir

You’re not alone dude, I made a post about this same thing long ago. The EXACT same thing happened to me when the rank reset occurred.

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XD!!! in a row that cost one day of my life !!!
almost nothing if you dont have free time like me with 3 childs and wife!

Perfect explanation here!!!
Too much “its easy” here.
revisit this idea please IG

You could always keep trying. It’s not like you have a limited number of chances to be promoted.

And then you suggest to i need to spend all my free time to reach killer with unfair system like 30 wins against 3 looses to stay in 850 points? MADNESS IS THE WORD
before another reset?
i reach killer rank 2 times before the 2 resets.

I suggest that Revisit this.

Yes, but it’s not the fact that he’s being punished for losing the match that is the issue, it’s the fact that this one match was decided to artificially carry a weight of about 5x more value than any of the other matches he faced previously, and for as well as he played, one mistake cost him far more than it should.

It’s not a matter of whether the promotion match should exist, it’s a matter of “is the punishment for losing it truly justified?” And I would have to say no, especially given how the ranked match ecosystem is currently implemented. When you put in so many matches to get to that point, and one unfortunate loss sets you back not 2 or 3 matches, but what is usually at least 5 but probably more like 6 or 7 matches you have to then win to get a chance to be promoted again. It’s highly frustrating and needlessly more time consuming than it should be, especially given that the bronze and silvers could be former Killer and gold ranks that have merely de-ranked themselves conveniently through the requalify feature. There’s a number of wild card variables at play, so perhaps the steep penalty for rank up in the current ranked system is too strict.

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And one more reason… i have 1 mega of internet connection and 260 ms of ping… you dont know how i suffer that.

I speak spanish and i wish to say THANK YOU MY FRIEND.
AGREE 100%
God bless you for you help .
I barely explain my point because my bad english

If your connection isn’t appropriate for online play I have even less sympathy for your losses.

Look, I get that it’s lame to be booted down the ladder a bit when you lose, but if it’s trivial to rank up, ranks stop meaning anything.

i disagree with you
If i win 30 matches and loose only 3 with 260 ms ping, i deserve you respect .
But its not the point of discusion.
The point is -150 points in punishement for one match

A bit???
if 150 points in gold its a bit, i can figure how is a ““big”” punishment for you
maybe -1234777 points?
you dont get the point. mother of god!!!
I win 450 points in 30 matches and loose 450 point in 3!!!
Its too hard to see?

How do you win 30 matches, and then lose only your promotion matches? I get your frustration, I was bumped down twice during one of my climbs. Soldier on, try at a different time. Promotion matches will pit you against your rank or higher, so maybe you’re unlucky to be matched against high-level Killers. I don’t think its unfair because that’s the risk versus the reward of getting to Killer.

If you win 1000 matches(Against bronze and silvers), and you lose 5 matches(against Gold and Killer), do you deserve being a Killer?
IMO you are not seeing the whole picture:

-Making into Killer is NOT guaranteed. If you are good, you will make it. You will eventually win your promotion match. But if you don’t, you can still play the game, it doesn’t ban you to get there
-Reaching killer previoulsy doesn’t mean nothing now. It means that you were killer in that moment, but not now. It’s like saying that Maradona can still be an active soccer player because he was one of the best previously.
-To be a Killer, you have to succeed against better players than you. That’s the point of making you fight someone with equal or superior status as you. If you want to be a killer, you must be able to win killers.
-Loosing always sucks, but honest question: Do you enjoy playing the game? Because if the answer is yes, you should enjoy grinding into Killer, since you are playing the game you like and love. Otherwise, then I would suggest you to go to exibition, where you can pick better your opponent.

Since you have bad english and you speak spanish, I will put this in spanish too

Si ganas 1000 combates contra bronces y platas, pero pierdes 5 contra oros y Killers, mereces ser un Killer?
No estas viendo todo lo que deberías

-Llegar al status de Killer NO esta garantizado. Si eres bueno, lo lograrás. Eventualmente ganarás tu combate de promoción. Pero si no lo haces, no recibes un baneo y dejas de jugar, puedes seguir intentándolo
-Haber llegado a Killer antes no significa nada. Lo merecias entonces, pero no ahora. Es como decir que Maradona es aun buen futbolista y puede seguir en activo porque lo estuvo previamente.
-Para ser Killer, debes vencer a mejores oponentes. Ese es el punto de hacerte luchar contra alguien de ranking igual o superior a ti. Si quieres ser un Killer, debes ganar a gente de ese rango
-Perder siempre fastidia, pero una pregunta honesta: ¿Disfrutas jugando a este juego? Porque si la respuesta es si, deberías disfrutar más intentando llegar al rango de Killer. Si no lo estas haciendo, te sugiero que vayas a exibición, donde puedes tener más facilidades para escoger oponente.

En serio tio. Llegar a Killer no es fácil, no pretende serlo, y que sea complicado hace aún más valioso llegar ahi. Te recomiendo paciencia, a fin de cuentas, si lo mereces, es cuestión de tiempo

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