I need to get better at this game but I don't know what to do


I’d disagree with that. Some people might not have a “main” or abundance of them but that does not mean that “mains” aren’t a thing. To me a main is basically the one person who a) you play the most and b) you are the most confident with in a serious match. This can maybe apply to more then one character These can be more then one (like two or even three) some even use the term “pocket mains” and or just call them characters that you enjoy playing as. I don’t believe anyone exclusively plays one character yet it’s still possible that they have a “main” or “mains”


I believe that Delta is refering to that everyone has a “best” character, and the rest are worse than the main, even if it’s for a very small advantage.

So everyone has a “main”, and the rest of the characters you use are “alters”, even if they are very good or help you in a particular MU.


Did I say that in the thread? O.o


Yes unfortunately


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that doesn’t look like a 100% win ratio ??? Why if I was a guessing man id say your full of ■■■■


Ooohhhh, that? What I meant is “which are the character you usually use more than others”. But I prefer which are your mains. I’m assuming he is not playing with one character specificaly, but starting from there you can see which of those characters is his strongest and work on one of them. Lots of players that just start use more than one characters until they find the one that fits with their playstyle and will work on the MUS.

And so what anyway? I expressed myself and you got it to another conversation because I used a word “lightly”.

After all there are players that are good with more than one character and you could say they used them as “mains” . Some top players have at least 2 mains or can be extremely good with them. Then you have players that would pick characters depending on the MU, like Rico has done in EVO and the KIWC in 2015 for instance.


I did say that a few people can have multiple mains in my first comment. However for the majority of players to have multiple mains is just not true. You may play other characters but they are not a second main , that just doesn’t make sense.


Idk, not all other players play seriously and can just play characters for an equal amount of time. If you want to be successful you might want to focus on one and then move one to another but some just don’t really care about all that. I consider myself two have two mains, I just don’t understand why having more then one main can only acceptable to a select few.


I had trouble in KoF, because I like using one character and push it as far as I can. Then I play others but can’t reach the same level. However, if I did by practicing a lot, I won’t ever forget how to play my main. Hasn’t happened yet.


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He’s most likely just messing around


How dare you even insult me, if you haven’t noticed, I speak in a way as to not disrespect anyone, no one likes being disrespected. If you think I’m trash then ok, I AM TRASH. And why did you even have to bring up proof for something that was obviously a lie and made up? Thanks for appreciating me by digging into my stats. :heart:️, also you shouldn’t use profanity. Good thing your profanity was filtered out.

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As if I’m not making myself look dumb on purposes. I am dumb!


No I did not expect anyone to believe in that, I know members are smarter than that most of the time. But sadly some people were unsure and had to ask for proof or look into my stats.


Out of all those players on that pic, I have the highest win ratio though. I am definitely not full of what you say I am. I am still at 100% in my heart. So I stand by what I said.


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@Dranyamarel143 That’s actually a very solid win ratio, about the level where I tend to think a player could get a pro star if they were so inclined. That being the case, I imagine you could probably offer some better advice for players looking to improve than “I win in my heart and that’s all that matters”. :thinking:



Indeed. How has the quest to improve been for you so far? Have you at least figured out which part of the game you’d like to get better at (other players vs AI)?

Also, I still recommend uploading a match or two to the Replay and Analysis thread. It’s a solid place to solicit feedback on your playstyle.


GT of the player? (if u remember)