I need to get better at this game but I don't know what to do


Fyi i played this REALLY good shinsako in ranked a coupe hours ago.


In order
To get better, learn from what you’re doing wrong that’s preventing you from getting better. If you cNt figure it out, blame your opponent. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, blame someone else then seek counseling. That’s how I win every match I’m in. I’ve been playing KI for 4 years and still haven’t lost to anyone.


My best advice? Make a friend who you really enjoy spending time with who loves KI as much as you do, and play. Play a lot, and if they prefer to play as characters that you don’t, that’s even better!

For instance, I made an amazing friend in the early era of Season 1, and he was a Glacius main. We played so much, that even as a Sabrewulf main, Glacius wasn’t nearly as scary for everyone’s favorite lycanthrope anymore, and my buddy would tell me tales of how he’d wreck 'wulfs who aren’t nearly as good as mine after we’d play, joke, and train for hours while having a blast. It continued through Season 2, where my Riptor would butt heads against his Kan-Ra, and onward to the present.

By playing someone who you really like hanging out with, who can evolve alongside your playstyle, not only are you helping to hone your claws in KI, you’re building another killer player who will wreck Ranked mode alongside you. Have fun, be nice, and above all else,

FIGHT ON! :skull:



Wow, that 100 ratio! The AI must be in easy mode.

PS: lying is bad


But I am not lying and I play against real people. Real people who are just learning the game.


Those who take pride in dominating the weak are misguided creatures




What matters is that you make yourself proud. I make myself proud with my zero losses and many wins. I am the Mayweather or Killer Instinct.


We know you are lying to us… -___-


How do you know if there is no proof?


Fighting against real people without losing is impossible.


No it’s not. You just have to fight the really easy players.


if you are really honest with us, then will you show us your Fight Stats?


Don’t bother @KevBones10

Not worth the time, my friend.


Sure. You’ll have to wait till I get home though.


At a GDG 2916 encounter I played ft2 against many ppl. I was 99% 2-0 , just lost one match to a peruvian player who had some really nice fundamentals (the result was 2-1). One guy challenged me (ft5) saying he beats anyone by just mashing, imagine how salty he ended up (me 5,him 0).
Anyway, beating ppl who doesn’t know the game like you do and hardly touch it and being proud of that is like winning a race against a 3 years old.
I’m sorry, but I feel is kind of dumb.


I have beaten you on more than one occasion.


I don’t remember fighting you.


Your trash btw drany . Quite pathetic that you would come up with such an obvious lie. Get good and stop wasting peoples time yee


Just a suggestion , you said above that you “main” like five characters. Very few people can actually main more than one character at a high level. I would recommend focusing on one character only , practice your execution and combos. Only when you truly know your character would I recommend picking up a secondary or pocket character. Go into training mode , practice some tech , learn the mus , watch sets with that character , play sets yourself with players with the same or higher skill than you. It takes time to get good but if you put in the effort you should get results.


Also there is no such thing as “mains” .