I need to get better at this game but I don't know what to do


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My point wasn’t to bait people or make it believable. Obviously it’s impossible what I said so I don’t even know why you’re wasting your time . And like I said, you don’t need to disrespect me, so you need to quit it with the insults. I respect all members on here. As the moderator said, keep it civil and respect each other. Side note, I don’t care what my win ratio is. :man_facepalming:


still why did you do that on purpose? i mean there is no reason for you to do that


Let’s keep this thread civil and on topic folks. Further derailing will result in vacations.


I gave advice and made a joke afterwards. That’s all.


alright man lets just drop it and move on


Wait, I don’t speak English (much). I just realised “main” has no plural for the meaning I was looking for. I was changing the word because the S makes total sense in my language.
It was really confusing.

PS: “maineas/maineás” ,parting from main>> it’s a transformation of the English word into a pseudo word in other language to ask which is/are the characters you use the most.
It’s like the “wasappear” word (means sending WhatsApp messages, it’s not official but conmonly used).

PS2 : Still I’m not fond of either trolling nor toxicity in the forums. TBH there’s enough of it and even more outside in the wild internet.