I need help with match ups I'm tired of being bad

Orchid jago fulgore hisako aganos riptor omen the list goes on

Orchids slide hits me 99.9 od time i can’t react to it i can’t hit her out of it i literalky duno how to react to her

Shes who i want to work on first i use mira and maya

Orchid’s slide? Just block low.

She only has 1 overhead attack. Worry about getting hit by that 99.9% of the time then adjust your gameplan to look out for that.


Bait counters with shimmy/empty jumps

Throw a lot

Play disrespectfully… We hate that. So, so, so much. But don’t be obvious or we’ll eat you alive.

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I want to work on orchid if anyone wants to help let me know im down to get bopped

It seems impossible to i can’t ever expect it always comes out so damn fast

I think the point @CStyles45 was making was that you should learn to low block the majority of her stuff in general (meaning you’re blocking mids and lows) and watching for/anticipating her overhead, which you would need to react to and block high.

The opposite is true of Arbiter, for example. He has overheads and mids but only a single low, so I maintain high block the vast majority of the time.


I cant ever expect it. Its sooo fast.

Im starting to worry if my tv has lag or something its not even on display input or what ever that website is. Someone recommended changing something in xbox settings and it helps or what ever

But for the life of me i cannot handle anything im starting to get her staffs down two low two mid

Even miras slide dont beat it out and i have seen both of us try out slides at same time

Im just so confused she moves to fast

With maya i can tumble kick orchid slide but if i use anyone else dont seem to be able and miras hp reaper is to slow vs her slide

You don’t beat an attack by trying to attack it. Block FIRST, then punish (attack)


So why does miras mp get hit out of everything same with almost every move i do with maya? It’ll be active and boom jabbed iut

If you attempt to punish a move that is safe or close to safe on block with St.MP, and their jab is faster than St.MP (and it most certainly will be), it will get beat.

Just listen for “Coming through!” and neutral jump and kick her right in the face! That is what i do… I keep my distance and wait for her to make a mistake…you can throw her out of every blocked Leg twirl thing and really punish her off her rekkas. Just be patient and listen to her voice.


Who do you play as? Moves such as Jago’s windkick are “low-crush” moves, and they can beat her slide out right. Generally though, if a move is unsafe, you want to block and punish.

Lag gets in the way but there is no way your TV has so much lag that you can’t react to her slide.

Besides as people said before it is just one more of her million moves that hit low while she only has one overhead special move and one overhead command attack (f.HK) that is slow as molasses to come out. So what really you should be doing is holding that down-back and only ever letting it go if you feel an overhead is coming (even tech throw can be done while crouching).

Keep your distance but don’t go full screen. Orchid has trouble getting in and players will usually do a raw slide to cover ground. By not being full screen there is a good possibility the slide will hit you, so if you block it is very negative and can be punished by pretty much any normal except heavies.

THIS is something that if you’re having trouble with then TV lag can be the issue, if you’re constantly being stuffed out of your punishes then it’s a good idea to go to training mode and turn data display on. See how much Orchid’s slide is unsafe on block and how many frames your short and medium low kick takes to come out - if the data says you should be able to punish but you never can then most probably you’re seeing 3 to more frames behind what really is happening due to lag.

Maya Is not a very good hand-to-hand character. You are meant to stay moving all the time, and use the knives to keep you safe and stop your opponent from moving too much.

You stay away, be annoying, and then when you notice a hole in your opponent’s game, you get in quick, strike, and move out. Here are some examples:

-If they keep moving toward you, blocking your knives, but never crouch, then hit them with Mantis, and then back up again.
-If they try to run across the screen quickly to catch you by surprise, use her uppercut kick, but make sure you have a knife to keep it safe.
-If they sit and block all day, roll up to them and do one of these:
–Roll backward, baiting an attack, then punishing with daggers,
–If you are SURE they wont attack, get a high / low mixup by using her overhead kick, or its “fake version”
-Most of your damage should probably come from juggle combos. When you throw a projectile, and it hits them in the air, instead of letting them fall to the ground, you need to make sure you are getting consistent 20-30% combos.

Hope that helps.

Maya i have absolutely less hard time with anyone

Its kira im having a hard time with vs orchid

I’d be happy to help you with the Aganos matchup. :slight_smile:

I need it but i get frustrated with chunks i think irs dumb he gets armor and no ine else

With time comes experience and data. Practice by playing and soon you’ll be able to see it. It doesn’t happen right off. I need a lot of experience with other match ups myself, so I can understand the frustration.

Arbiter’s command grab says hi… :disappointed:

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