I need help with defense against button spammers

I just started playing online and I’m fighting a lot of people that just spam the sam buttons over and over again. Granted you can combo break them, but it still gets frustrating to have them run up to you and spam LK to combo the whole match.

What are some good tactics for defending against button spammers?

It really depends on the matchup. Usually I find that buttons spammers often rely on Jago because of his easier frame traps (LP or LK)

As a Jago main myself, I often play defensively against spammers by playing the neutral game. If they tend to jump a lot, dash under or back and maintain the neutral game, which can be punished with crouching HP or a well-placed DP. If you are cornered and you noticed they abuse crouching low kick, you can Windkick because it is low invulnerable. Similarly, if they use crouching LP, you can catch them with a wakeup DP, but be warned - they often bait the wakeup move.

I would offer more suggestions but again it is based on matchups and the person you use, since every character has their own ways of dealing with spam attacks. Who do you use, maybe I have enough knowledge about them too?

Hey TigerSpirit,
Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been using Jago and the button mashers lately have been Jago’s and Saberwolf. I usually try to block, use neutral jump kicks to confirm into combos or use combo breakers to get some space between me and the other player.

Ah well yeah,

Against Jago those tips should be fairly helpful - if you have another situation I can possibly add some more advice. As for Sabrewulf that is tough, especially if he is dashing through and LP. If you notice this, neutral jump and HP - it will sometimes catch him if he is undeniably spamming. If he is only LP on wakeup, then DP! 2 or 3 heavy DP’s should discourage him from getting too close, but again be wary of the bait. Similar to Jago, if you notice crouching LP then Windkick to avoid lows. You may already be doing it, but keep in mind timing is key to catching them using spam attacks.

If you ever want to do some friendly matches to help you feel comfortable with spammers I can play either Wulf or Jago so you can get an idea of what to do. My GT is oTiger Spirit

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Tiger Spirit pretty much hit the nail on the head. I would also recommend Shadow Counters, especially if they’re spamming a low attack and you’re Jago, since it crushes lows.

If they’re using a lot of lk and lp, use a bigger button yourself. Use your hp, mp, both are moves that don’t have hurtboxes, since Jago isn’t connected to his sword like Aganos is to his Peacemaker. Your overhead is a really good one to use as well


I’m one of those players who gets button mashy when I get into scary situations so i’ll have to practice a bit. I’d definitely like to play some friendly matches against you to practice. I’ll add you and hit you up whenever I see you online.

Thanks for the help. I can’t wait to practice.

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Lol don’t worry about it, I get panicky from time to time - just ask @TheNinjaOstrich! If it wasn’t for him helping me practice and refining my skills, I wouldn’t be as comfortable with tense matches and aggressive players as I am now.

I’ll still Windkick from full-screen from time to time but that sort of became a joke over bad tech.


I windkick from full screen too hoping to grab a combo that way. I need to get better at setting up for combos among other things.

EDIT: I’m having a ton more fun with KI than I did with SFIV. KI makes it a lot easier to understand the basics of FG’s and playing online isn’t as infuriating as SFIV was.

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You have gotten tremendously better. And don’t worry about Windkicking from full screen. It’s a viable read, and if you hit it, full combo. But it is only to be used on a hard read, like Glacius about to send out hail or something. Even backdashing opponents! :smiley:

@ZanyFiddler, feel free to add me too! I have a Jago, as well as a panic inducing TJ Combo.


Sweet, what’s your GT?

Same as my Forum name.

If I see someone spamming buttons, I tend to keep my distance and wait for them to move. Then I tend to hit them with a cross up jump in of some sort (Riptor and Sadira work well for this, but Jago/Shago are both viable as well). Then they tend to guess break, leading to some major damage with a free heavy damage loop.
Then again, a lot of the opponents I’ve faced were mildly competent enough to just use regular strategies, so I’m not super experienced.



This may be the best advice. If someone is spamming buttons, play the spacing game and counter what they are doing. When starting out this is easier said than done, but once you learn to control the pace of the match you can dominate those who are simply playing a brain dead style.


I’ve had instances where I can cross up the opponent and do some damage. The problem is they will constantly rush me and start mashing buttons in throw range.

@UncappedWheel82 Spacing is usually my second tactic if cross ups don’t work. I’ll just keep throwing FB’s and try to anti air them into a combo if I can.

IMO, spacing (neutral game) may be the most important aspect of the game, followed up closely by execution (combos and breaking), having a game plan, and then everything else. Once you get into a match where you and your opponent are trying to space each other out, only then you really have to worry about trying to out think your opponent. If you are fighting someone who is just “going in,” their tendencies will/should make themselves apparent pretty quickly, but yeah, you’ll only develop counters to those things with practice and experience.

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Wait for the lights to push you out then throw out a medium.

@UncappedWheel82 Yeah most people I’ve played against usually rush in and spam L or M combos. If the player tries to zone they do so poorly and don’t really defend much. I think if I can get my DP’s input down then I should be able to zone better. For some reason that D F DF input throws me off sometimes.

You play as Jago? D + Fierce Punch is a good ant air too. It doesn’t give you as much damage as a DP, and it has no invincibility on start up, but it is a viable tool that is much easier to execute, and one that you can combine with his other tools.

@UncappedWheel82 That’s what I’ve been trying to use as my anti-air most of the time, but my timing is not great and I need to practice using it to start a combo. I did the trial where you anti-air with D + HP, activate Instinct Mode and do a quick combo which is fun when you nail it but takes practice. Might be a little over aggressive but I’d like to get better at it.

Yeah. That one is a lot easier than a DP, but it is much slower, and you need good timing to pull it off consistently…let alone convert real damage off of it.