I need help not to rage in KI

Guys I need help not to rage KI has been making me mad lately with its annoying AI and people who do dumb stuff online can anyone help?

Yeah, remember that is a videogame and you play for fun

I’m legit serious here.


Such as?

But yeah - end of the day it’s just a game. It really, really doesn’t matter for the story of your life how good you were at Killer Instinct online. So just have fun with it, even the frustrating stuff.


The “dumb online stuff” can be a number of things.

Basically, find your own reasons to play and do it. Its about the best advice i can offer.

That, and when you play and feel rage coming, just go have some kool-aid and a smile. Think about the good things in life. Like blackjack and pizza.

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Pshaw…now this guy knows what goes wth blackjack :tada::rage::tada:


Pretty much spam and tebagging.

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That’s the problem I take it to serious.

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when you got some people like this, just leave the match when it ended.

There is nothing good to stay vs a t-bagging guy.

There are plenty of fair/good/funny players, especially in this community.

How many times i was afk on the beginning of a match, and the guy just waited for me.
Even sometimes, if he did some dmg, he left me doing the same amount before beginning the match.

I just love it.

Id like to share something i posted awhile ago…

These were my feelings toward myself. Now there’s no telling if your goals in the game are anything like mine. Could be totally different. But the frustration is the same i think. And for me? I found enjoyment, eventually, in rethinking different ways in how i play my character as well as trying to bend that frustration to being a training tool.

Either way? I can only offer advice. I’ve been tbagged, taunted, 3-0’ed out of tournaments, 10-0’ed in exhibition sets, ridiculed for character choice, even perfected in ranked games.

I’ve also been complimented on my play, found learning in losing, offered my knowledge up, made strides to be better and keep an open mind.

All comes down to you buddy. Like i said, I’d say find your own enjoyment and hold onto it.

And for me, pizza has hardly ever steered me wrong after frustration. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what it is about KI an the players that get really upset over tea bagging. I’ve never seen it more prevalent of an issue than in THIS specific community. But I think that attributes to the fact that a VERY large majority of KI players are just simply new to fighting games in general.

Always remember it’s a game, it’s not like you’re going to go into work tomorrow and your co-workers (or classmates) are going to look down upon you because a random joe blow decided to repeatedly press down on the d-pad.

t-bags are a mental thing. Even in chess there are things players will do to get into the head of the player. I have a friend who plays chess competitively and one of the things he does is aggressively place pieces on the board and slam the time button. It makes weak minded players feel rushed and easily make mistakes. T-bagging is similar in the fact that it makes a weak minded player think to irrationally and make mistakes.

spam, this term I hate the most because at the end of the day if it is a move that is WORKING and I’m WINNING i will absolutely use it to WIN. It’s like putting a gun on a map an it’s the best gun in the game but someone says “don’t use that gun it’s too good and you’ll win” WHY WOULDN’T YOU PICK THAT UP!? or if you know this, STOP your opponent from “spamming”. Is it fireballs you’re dealing with? walk and block, jump them, use a projectile invulnerable move, low profile. you have options, hit training mode and see what options your specific character has to deal with zoning. You’re getting “spammed” because you aren’t dealing with it properly. Whats the best way to make a bully stop? Take away the thing that bothers you the most.

An as far as getting upset/mad. We ALL do it, it happens. BUT always know that when you are mad you should stop playing, perhaps even for the day. You won’t learn anything, get better, or have fun when you’re mad. So stop. I’ve had days where I got upset and just stopped playing the game to cool off. I go play a shooter, or watch anime, anything BUT play KI. You’ll only become a worse player if you keep playing while mad. When you cool off come back and try to learn from what made you made so you can make better decisions in the future.

I hate spam as I’m a vegan… oh wait, you mean repeating a move that works over and over? It’s on you to learn how to beat that move and if you can’t, you can’t fault your opponent for repeating it. It’s like if you’re playing baseball and the pitcher knows you can’t hit a curveball and he throws you 3 in a row. Can you blame him? No, of course not. Go back to the lab and find a way to beat that move OR come to these forums and ask.

As for getting upset, that happens to me too and I’m old enough to know better. I get upset because I like the game a lot and put too much of my self worth on how well I perform. In games which I don’t care as much (SF5, For Honor), I do much better because I don’t care so much and don’t put so much pressure on myself. Not much of an advice, but play for fun, and try to have fun with losing if you find something good about the loss, e.g. “I didn’t drop a single combo”, “I broke all his auto-doubles”, “my AA was good”.

I dont know why people get so upset with the tea baging.
I dont do it, but rash and fulgor do.
Rash shoves his junk in you face and fulgor gives the middle finger so…
Sounds like you more upset with the games AI now being the boss.
you not the only one. Try other modes of play. the AI isnot as aggressive in other modes,

Bruh, wingstreet wings were once godlike before they changed them recently. Pizza is still solid at Blackjack…

Now I’m hungry.

Fighting games in general have no t-ging. Honestly KI is the only fighter I see this happening all the time. That’s a shooters stuff.

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thanks for repeating what i just said, but in longer form?

Here’s my solution.

Take breaks while you can. Step outside and get some air, then comeback and try again. Don’t allow your rage to blind you into to doing something you’ll regret later.

Practice the art of patience.

To quote my main, “Were it so easy…”

Just don’t play the game, that’s what I’m doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Forgive me if it sounds harsh, but to start it helps to have tough yet oily skin, so to speak…that way stuff doesn’t get to you and stuff just rolls off of you.

But yeah if stuff starts to get to you, don’t keep forcing through. Keeping a level head is pretty much required for competitive KI anyway. If you’re losing your cool you’re likely going to play worse and just compound the rage. Just take a break, get your chill back, and then dive back in. Remember the goal is having fun, and winning follows. :sunglasses:

Don’t worry so much about winning, just focus on having fun during the match.

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