I May Have Found the Best Jago, Beats Rimz's Glacius

I have never seen Rimz lose a first to 10 before with his seeming unbeatable Glacius, but he does in this video and to a Jago player no less.

I don’t know who this thomperson guy is, but he’s probably the best Jago player I currently know of.

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Oh Thompxson? He’s one of the best! He can give RM JagoBlake a run for his money. His Jago is amazing! He is usually in the 8 Bit Beatdown Tournament when it is live. :slight_smile:

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I know who Thompxson is, and I don’t think that’s him. Is it?

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It is. He changed his name to Thompsxtrordinary. Lol.

His reads and reactions have gotten a lot better, not that they weren’t already good. Either that or Rimz was not on his A game.

I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance (and pleasure) to fight against both of these absolutely astounding players and to be frank, I don’t look forward to doing it again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I haven’t fought either one… but oye they both play incredibly well.

Both are great players and I’ve had the pleasure of running a few sets with both! Thompxdrordinary (I hope I spelled that right) is definitely in my opinion the best Jago, and RIMZ is definitely, in my opinion, the best Glacius

I thought Thompson was a Fulgore player? He’s always picked Fulgore whenever I’ve fought him.

Thompxson is very good, though he relies a lot on risky maneuvers, even with a character with little risk like Jago (though he may have changed his playstyle since I last saw him). I’ve played and beaten him before, but he is definitely a great player that you have to be really patient to beat.

Also, remember that beating a person in one set doesn’t make you better than them, and it certainly doesn’t determine how you rank against other players.

EDIT: 6-4 Matchup my ■■■.

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He’s the complete opposite of JagoBlake, who he always seems to beat.

I am aware of that. It’s just that I have never seen Rimz lose a set.

Hm, on the other hand, last I checked, JagoBlake was afraid to risk giving up control of the match by throwing out the occasional (necessary) sporadic wind kick; and most of the Jago players were still stuck on one-chance-break combos into launcher sweep, despite the fact that Jago’s oki pressure is worse than his combo pressure. I think some risk-taking is to be encouraged, considering the circumstances.

ShadowNikos also beat Rimz multiple times. Prolly the best Italian Jago player

Thompson is good! He’s improving every day and I like watching him play.

In particular, I like his use of delayed linker cancels to sometimes cause lockouts (and, in general, to make Rimz feel really nervous about breaking). I also like that both players, in general, use heavy linkers (and sometimes even heavy doubles) without counterbreak, because even though they are reactable, they often go through unchecked. Some of this is likely the connection (it’s America to Europe) but I think in general it’s still a good idea.

Thompson is also pretty good at punishing ice lance with shadow wind kick; it’s -8 and is a strict punish if you block lance (since wind kick is 3+5 startup). Glacius also can’t call hail or shatter to protect himself, since shadow wind kick beats those things. He has to commit to shoulder, which is minus on block (though usually safe) and a true block string, so shadow wind kick doesn’t come out. The only real trick is just learning to react to blocked lance, but Thompson does it several times in that set.

Rimz is really good, though. If you notice he is great at anti-airing people who jump shatter (he often uses lance so you aren’t ever safe, no matter of range), which forces Thompson into some really bad spots (shatter is a super amazing move; it’s basically a command grab without typical command grab recovery). Thompson basically has to play it cool and try to slip a fast one past Rimz. If he’s on point, it can be tough, but it’s hard to always be on point. In fact, this is a good reason for Thompson to take some damage early in the set with some risky plays that don’t work out… I think they benefit him later in the set, since Rimz remembers those things and it complicates the fight a bit for him. Pay a bit of life early for lots of reward later!

Thompson also does some really cool stuff with regular wind kick, correctly predicting when Rimz uses a heavy hail and slips under with wind kick. This is hard because Rimz can easily not summon heavy hail here, but Thompson knows that heavy hail is best for full screen control and he makes some very good reads on when a hail summon is heavy vs not heavy (if he’s wrong, he eats a combo).

I do know they played a FT20 recently and Rimz won that 20-19. I asked Thompson to post that set and he said he would be happy to! Hopefully he has time to do that soon.

I still think this match is hard to call. Lots of Jagos say it’s bad for Jago, but I think the fact that Glacius can (in theory) never use lance makes Jago win a slugfest, but he struggles against runaway air normals (he has to guess DP it or slowly corner Glacius) and hail, if you aren’t in range for shadow wind kick, is a big pain in the butt. I guess I’d call it a really hard 5-5 for both characters.


Never said whether his risk taking is a good or bad thing. Just that he, in my eyes, takes more risks than other Jago’s.

Either way, Thompxson has leveled up his game a lot. He’s still a risky player but less recklessly so, making him very potent.

Notice the footsies. Personally, they add a another layer to the matches make them more entertaining to watch.

thompxson is good but I dont think he can be considered best jago. he lacks AA and got mopped by rayray in a matchup jago should win, so not really, best, just good.

How long ago was this?

pretty recent Ithink. he uploaded a set on his ytube, cant remember the exact name of the channel atm.
was something lie 10-4 in ray’s favor.

Thompson isn’t the best anything…
he lost to ChrisG