I love Microsoft/IG, But

I am going to make court, because my English is pretty poor ^^

My story: I bought a Xbox one for killer instinct at the release of the Xbox one; and I did not stop playing it so far. I adore this game, you cannot know, and for that thank you Microsoft / IG.

But this is not my story, My story begins it has three week, when I decided to organize a killer instinct’s tournament in my brand commercial ( a big French brand).

Having put my account live Xbox on a Xbox one of the store and having installed the game above. I put the game in demo during these three week precedent the tournament to entice the players with the game which turns and my posters!
I expected has reflections in the kind: “A tournament fifa please!” “Put Street fighter 5!” Or "We want a tournament Naruto "… BUT much to my surprise it was not the case!
The reaction of people was even more disappointing for me, really… People told me for most part: " Hey!! I played that when I was a child! It is the suite? it goes out when? ", " It is a new game? It is a good game! It is on which support? ", etc.

What I note:

  • When is its date of release?
  • On that she consoles?
  • It is the suite of the game on nintendo?

And for these questions, I hold it against you Microsoft. The game deserved a good marketing plan in store, the game deserved to be known, this License was good for sell.

I undertook of explained to every person how to obtain it, that it was free to a certain extent; as much on Xbox one as on PC. But I think it’s a pity this marketing failure especially when I see the productions of the other companies; And the determination of Microsoft / IG to make a good game for 3 years!

Kiss MS/IG


This comes to my mind every day. I feel overall Microsoft/Xbox is bad at marketing. They need to promote KI Everywhere. I want the KI commercial to be forced down my throat so much that I hate the game like Ubisoft did with the watchdog 2 commercial, for like a week or 2 that the only ad i seen on youtube and it was driving me insane. I want that to happen so everyone Know this games exists, and knows its not ps4 but xbox one and windows 10. But we need a mascot a character that everyone associates with game like how when people think street fighter they think Ryu.

I understand what you’re saying, but I have serious doubts that a huge number of potential KI owners/purchasers really just don’t know about the game. Ask these same people about Rocket League, or Mighty No. 9 or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and they will ask you the same questions. This isn’t a group of gamers, nor a group of fighting game enthusiasts. They aren’t going to spend money buying KI. So building awareness with them is a waste of time.

Yeah some gamers just really dont give a damn about other games that arent on the play list. You either know about KI and love it…or you just dont play fighting games at all and could care less.
I think MS is doing a great job advertising right now! Every day when I turn on my Xbox there is an add for Season 3 KI…its also in the games store section.
Much better than it used to be.


I agree that KI needs more advertising. I’ve only recently been seeing ads for KI on the Xbox dash, which is great but the game deserves much better.

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KI needs a lot more exposure.

KI feels like an indi game, it never got the promotion or the budget it deserved. I think it is too late now to expose the game since it already have been out for 3 years already but there is hope if a sequel comes out because then it could have a bigger budget/marketing. @o0LeCoach0o Je viens de montréal :smiley: on se fera des games de temps en temps!

I agree they slipped up on the marketing department but the thing is how would you market it without it sounding like a micro transaction game to people who don’t follow it like we do. I think a lot of people were confused when it was released that’s why it was so many negative reviews upon release and then people had to explain how the model worked

Its a aa game made by an indie dev.

A first party game treated like a AA game…it doesn’t sounds right :confused:

Thats what budget games are and it ain’t the 1st first party game to do this.

Not to debate on that but I guess we can all agree that KI deserves to be bigger than it is.

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i dunno, that could be alot of money to put into something thats kinda expiring its shelf life right now (my opinion), but if their marketing can do it without trouble, then by all means more power to them

it costs a LOT of money to promote product and I feel that after a successful season 3 maybe there should be enough revenue to promote a new KI

Not sure if it will stay the same for a few years but there should be print and online at least - tv costs most

Put it in pepsi bottles with free codes to dl characters or get merch

I know this is gonna sound cheesy, but the best kind of advertising is word of mouth from the fans. Tell all of your friends about KI, invite them over and play some exhibition matches for fun, get them to download the free version and try the free character of the week.

I’ve switched numerous people over to the dark side this way, and they too have spread the message. It may not be the most direct form of advertising, but it works.

Same here. It took a while of me telling them about KI but once they ended up buying an XBOne they told me they wanted to know more about KI and what I knew.

What friends? :cry:

Seriously though, I have tried to get my friends involved, but they either, don’t like fighting games, or only play Soul Calibur.

They don’t like motions for special moves, and they think CAM is cheating. I don’t even know what to say to that.

I believe the exposure failure is only one side of the coin… The other side is the platform; Xbox One and Win10. If it was on PS4 and Steam I’m sure it would sell 20 times as much.

But what to do about that? -_-

I totally agree with you.