I hope not but im pretty sure Eyedol will be last fighter

That makes like 4 ,KI season 3 fighters that are HUGE ,"Thats a HUGE BLEEP!!! ,lol!
Anyways if they do make eyedol i dont see him with the club being much different than AGANOS when in instinct mode.
. I guess we will see.

I doubt it.
The way they teased Eagle in the KI Novella, it seems more likely it’s him.

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OMG Im so happy right now i think i peed in my pants , i wanna sing and dance and jump around with my undies and giving all the guys at IG a big kiss!!! oh please make Eagle a Zombie!!! Big like Thunder ,bones, ribs and bloody skull showing,what is more menacing than a ressurected,unnatural ,disturbed Zombie indian ,he has to be a Zombie and gory,aaahahahahahahahaha im so happy!

If eyedol comes back the game will be semi complete dere.

Yeah, I agree - it will be more complete with Eyedol.

As much as I would love Eagle, they already have a zombie style character in Hisako. And as for a undead relative to en existing KI character, Mira has already taken that spot too!

I hope it’s Eyedol. For completion-sake, nostalgia-sake, and just because I personally like the character. I think IG can make him into a true menace


Unless they have plans for Season 4/Mini Season/DLC Pack, It will probably be Eyedol.

Well if they go with the last two seasons there will probably be a ninth character, I think Eagle would be better suited as a bonus.

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i hope its eyedol i really dislike this general raam lack of imagination taking chars from other games to add fighters yet still have not fisihed a proper story mode and yet to add the original ki boss i feel ripped off to be honest not much to do offline no real boss

Eyedol will be another giant. I honestly think theyre getting too many giants at this point. Aganos, Arbiter, Raam, Gargos, even Tusk is pushing it.

Or they might put their own creative twist on eyedol and he won’t be a giant but an average sized demon about as tall as jago or maya.

I hope it is. I really do.

He doesn’t have to have a club though, I would like to see them maybe give him a Mace or a giant war hammer. Maybe they could just let him have a club for his retro or something.

That’s OK having giants. We have a lot of fast, small girls, like Sadira, Orchid, Kim Wu, Maya, ARIA. Why not have as many giant characters?

You honestly think they will not redesign Eyedol if they gonna release him? -.-


ARIA has no gender lol

Pls no more BIG characters. I hate big characters…

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They should do a complete 180 and introduce a stupid small character lol like Gon from Tekken 3


giant or small call more attention. regular characters are more natural, so more easily acceptable

The problem is not only to be giants, is that all are coming in the same season!

Tusk is huge (by the sword) We have Arbi, we have the Raam and Gargos

50% of the cast is made up of giants and it bothers!

Suddenly all new are huge! You understood the inconvenience?

Normal go unnoticed! They are discreet! The amount in the same season is that bothers many of the people

I feel sorry for the Aganos! lol

instead i would understand the inconvenience to don’t put eyedol in. a very big inconvenience. i don’t think general raam was this big, they chose this way, but i don’t care… this is ki, not guests instinct, i can’t accept to exclude eyedol cause there are already 2 big guests that match nothing with the game and the series, they must make ki first, then think about guests, this is not an excuse.

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dude i like eagle better just becaue we need a size slimdown version of eyedol if eyedol is created, but i dont think they will design him that way,too many huge DUPLO sized fighters, ol!