I hope not but im pretty sure Eyedol will be last fighter

nothing against eagle, but if i have to chose among him and eyedol i can’t not consider that eagle was always partially in as fulgore and that we already have an indian char. so, i don’t know what people exactly means when they want eagle in, but for sure i wouldn’t him as a standard indian, at least i want a strong design into some monster char (someone said zombie, just for example).

I would have said the same if someone had informed me that after they put in omen, gargos would came… not 2 gargoyles please. you can choose any type of monster in the world, damn…

lol you know thats why i suggested EAGLE because he would have to be a gory zombie,indian or not, i was hopeing the walking dead,evil dead and like tropes like from those movies,i wish they could get disney /star wars licenses to make awsome SW fighters in KI form —vadar- darth maul .so many charcaters they would make a ton of money making a star wars themed killer instinct game- boba fett-obi wan-yoda. Remember soul caliber 2 with vader and yoda?

that was IV not II

From what I can see it actually is different. It looks like he can teleport, and do a number of other things and also can switch between lightning and Asteroids.

I don’t think had a character that can switch like that yet? or at least one like Eyedol.