I hope all characters can be unlocked for free in the future

It’s nice that the developer is trying to get newcomers to try out Killer Instinct for free on PC and Xbox One. They made Jago and Orchid as free unlockable characters in the Shadow Lords mode and some free Skins too that was previously paid content. There should be more of a free stuff like this. I’m ok if Guest Characters and Omen/Shadow Jago keep as a paid-only characters. Bring some heat! I want TJ Combo as a free unlockable character!

I hope, somewhere down the line, Wulf, Glacius, and maybe Thunder become permanently free. I already own everything, but I think having about 15% of the roster be free is good. It would give newcomers more variety. Wulf would be the rushdown, Glacius the zoner, and Thunder the off-grappler. After trying all these out, people could decide if they should get RAAM, or Riptor, or Gargos due to similar play styles. While I do enjoy the f2p model of the game, I think it’s hard to give diverse samples of characters with just Jago, Orchid, and one rotating character.


Uh OH merry christmas first,

i don’t think it would be productive for the KI development. everyone has to put a lil amount to show the love and support. GGS

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Just make all of season one free, sans Shadow Jago.

season 2 is going up for GWG I believe soon. only problem is you need a gold account to keep everything but still.

No, you don’t need a gold account to keep the game, but you will need gold to download it for free. “that is the stunt that Sony did with PS3, needed to keep the subscription to play the downloaded game” you will need gold to play online only.

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You do need gold to keep Xbox One games. Xbox 360 games you get to keep even if your gold expires.

Actually, once your subscription expires anything that is deemed free with a gold account also expires until you renew it. This would include any DLC AKA basically everything in KI other than the rotation character unless you buy them. it’s even clearly stated on the MS website that this is the case, the only free GWG content you can keep are xbox 360 titles.

True but the devs HAVE to make money somehow otherwise they can’t keep supporting the game financially.

If you like the game enough already, you should be willing to save up and buy the DE edition or purchase whatever you want from the game. If you want a certain character right now and don’t have the money just buy the character if you want.

Now before you go off thinking I’m against the idea of “free unlockable characters” I’m not. I’m just saying a line has to be drawn somewhere. It’s a world of compromise

KI Gold is pretty worthless, if it was a valid in game currency you would be able to buy characters with it.

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Yeah. I’m still kind of salty that I can’t buy the Gold Skins, or the Terror skins, with KI Gold. I still have the 18,000 gold I got with S3 cause I was hoping to buy stuff just like that…but…

So yeah. I’m probably going to just go ahead and use it to unlock specific stuff on another account. It does have value in speeding up the unlocking process…as much as I really just don’t like that idea.

Here is my view. Once this game eventually ends and a new KI gets announced, they should let you be able to purchase characters with gold. It seems fair. Also making S1 characters available to buy with Gold would be nice as well.

You hope ALL characters can be unlocked for free in the future?

So… You want a free game. Or at least mostly free. All modes, free. All characters (except maybe a few) free.

Am I understanding this right?

Well make the KI gold price a bit high. That way you can’t just get the game for free easily. Make it a true free to play once it becomes old. That way if someone by chance plays a new KI(hypothetical btw) and check out the 2013 one, they don’t have to pay.

Technically all the modes ARE free just have to buy the characters and such.

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Yeah I know that the modes are free, but if you also make ALL of the characters free too, doesn’t the game just become, I dunno, completely free at that point?

I’ll take a SFV approach when it comes to characters. Done, I’d grind for that.

Oh trust me, I’m with you on that. I was just correcting the statement of modes.

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League of Legends has the same relative system. You can buy the characters with real money or grind IP (Influence Points), by playing matches, to unlock characters.

The problem with SFV is, you gain that fake money too damn slow. In my eyes, the grind is not worth the time for a free character. That might be because I just don’t like SF as a whole, but I feel like I’m in a severe deficit for not just plopping down $30 for the dlc characters. Small caveat: I also despise charge characters. Many of the dlc characters having charge moves turns me off from spending that much money for 5 or 6 (I honestly forgot how many) characters. Since, I’d only try Ibuki and Juri. Even then, I’d probably stick with Cammy because of her move-list.

TL;DR: I agree, but make the grind worth it.