I honestly can't wait for S3's expanded juggles

Anyone else feeling me on this?

Since before S1 released I noticed how gimped juggling was in this game, but I really didn’t understand how limiting it was until I got to play it myself. Before then just wrote it off as just one of those things this game wasn’t about, but when I actually dove into KI in S2, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the ground game in KI is fun and great, I love it, but I’m, a juggler, and even in KI2 I love putting a throw in mid combo and juggleing away.

Anyway, S3’s juggles just make me happy. Knowing that the game is truly expanding to the air is an awesome thing…

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I’m also really excited to hit the lab and try these out. Seeing LCD juggling with Orchid during KI Cup makes me want to pick her up again, but as a Wulf player I can’t wait to dunk people.

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here’s a juggle that i found with fulgore it can be done out of instinct as well as the end of the launcher ender combo. but now that his diagonal lazer is gone, I gotta hit the lab up again. I just hope i can find a juggle as ultimate as this one…


Increased juggle potential is going to make a lot of really cool, stylish stuff possible. An increased emphasis on air combos will be a great new avenue for people with the talent to pull off things that are absolutely nutty. Wonder what it means for characters like Sadira, TJ Combo, Cinder, and Shadow Jago who already have a lot to gain from air combos and such.


Dude! I’m so hype for it! I want to juggle with Jago so bad, I waste meter just to do that. LOL


TJ is who I play mainly, and though he does have a lot of juggle potential now, I’m looking forward to seeing how it improves.

Jago is another character I really want to dive into more (probably more than TJ), as I think it is just going to be hella fun to mix in a bunch of wind kicks and whatnot into the juggle mix.

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Also really looking forward to the juggling. KI has always been about insane combos, and I feel like juggling just adds to that in the best way possible.

Let me add to this, that since Tusk is back, he may be my new main. Lol!

I’m going in on these juggles in S3.