I have a cool set up to show off with Omen. Demonic Despair in the corner

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How did you test this?

He can jump right out of it…try it against the AI on hard or higher difficulty.

Cool set up though…keep em coming!

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He could jump out of it. But he can mash lights or attack.

It is a bit more risky than just entering into another combo, but its just another thing that can make Omen dangerous when he has all his resources.

In practice mode, I had the AI mash lights and it still worked.

However, I also had the AI hold up through the set up and found out that they can jump out of it if they know what is coming.


He could jump out of it because you can’t grab an opponent who is locked in hit or block stun. If they are locked down, the grab frames will miss completely. There are no command grabs you can combo into in KI. There are lots of tricky setups, but command grabs often lead to some pretty big damage or opportunities for combos, and as a counter measure, there has to be some balance to command grabs to prevent these opportunities from being overpowered.

The balance in this case is command grabs can NOT be combo’d into, and you can not grab an opponent locked in hit/block stun, otherwise the throw whiffs.

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The arbitor can do that off the grenade stagger.

Stagger isn’t the same as hit or block stun, it’s a different state. About the only case you could combo into a grab, that and off a wall splat ender.


Ok then you’re right. I thought stage was prolonger hit stun.

Think of Stagger as this game’s version of Street Fighter’s “dizzy” state.

I don’t play street fighter but I get your point.

Does he have any moves that stagger or do wall splat?

No he doesn’t have any moves that do that.

He doesn’t even have a recapture. But at this point, I don’t think he needs it.

No stagger, no wall spat, no shadow ender. Only flip out.

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Flipout is a universal game tool so every character has it. (untrue)

Are you telling me this or just everyone? Because your wrong.


I don’t think Cinder has a flip out either

You’re kinda right he does follow you everywhere and comments on your comment lol

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oh word? i gues you right because I never play Fulgore OMG, sorry about that.

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I reply to everybody lol i spend way to much time here haha. who else doesn’t have flip out?

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@DurtyDee810 LOL

Im not sure on the exact list…someone should make one.

But Here is what I know…
Fulgore, CInder, Glacius? ARIA? , Aganos?

Someone just needs to go into the command list and see on the first tab of each character is lists the flip out command just above throws. Id do it if I was at home.

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