I hate to complain

but it seems pretty damn unfair that definitive edition owners are getting the 3 post season 3 characters for free. (I know they’ve complained the loudest that post S3 stuff wasn’t included originally)

I’ve purchased:
season 1 ultra - £32
season 2 ultra - £32
season 3 ultra - £32
shadow Jago - £16
Kilgore - £10
Shin Hisako £5
& will purchase Eagle at £5 too.

that is £132 in total ($169 for any americans wondering how much that is)

but I could of just got DE for £25-30 and got an ost, bonus content, gargos skin and these three extra chars (for free)

any love for us day one buyers that have supported KI and all the community funds? even if it is just a free eagle lol :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: Kilgore might of actually been £7.99 and shin hisako £3.99 (I don’t even remember) XD

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Okay, I’m getting tired of hearing this.

Would it be nice to get some sort of day one incentive/reward? Yes. But are you an adult who purchased products of your own free will and fully aware of this seasonal bundling model that could lead to better deals down the road? Also yes.

You had no issue dropping money in such quantities, even as each additional purchase should’ve given you pause to think, “wait, what will these bundles look like in a year or so?” You’re an adult. You made a decision and it has consequences. That’s how life is. MS and IG do not owe you anything because you made a decision. They only owe you a product, service and support for what you purchased and they are doing that.


I never claimed I was owed anything, I just said it was a little unfair & I haven’t seen any other complaints about this yet, as it was only just announced DE owners were getting them new chars for free at CEO

I just think it sucks they decided to reward DE owners who purchased the game on the cheap and moaned like mary hell all over social media, saying they expected the extra characters for free.

I just think they should have to buy the post S3 content too, heck how do non DE owners get that fancy gargos skin?

Such is the risks of being an early adopter.

If you knew then what you know now, would you still pay the money to buy the content, or wait 3 years to buy it at a reduced price?


Just because you haven’t seen the beaten, dead horse of this topic doesn’t mean it isn’t a beaten, dead horse of a topic.

And actually, you are. By claiming and feeling this is “unfair”, you are inherently stating that this is something that should happen because it’s deserved or just based upon what you’ve already invested. However, it isn’t deserved or just because you decided to early adopt. You don’t get more content just because you spent money on some content. Sure, could IG do this and would it be great? Yes. Do they have to from a moral standpoint? Not even remotely.

I didnt know post season three content was free for definitive edition owners, when was this said?

Doesnt change anything about my feelings of not giving a damn, there are terrible things happening in the world right now, but this isnt one of them.

I pay what Inwant to pay and I will get entertainment out of it. Bought an xbox live arcade game for 10 euro’s last month, didnt end up liking it. That was a waste of money, this isnt, I get my moneys worth out of the content.

or, I am just saying DE owners should pay for post S3 content too…

To answer your question, you have to reach 90 to 100% of dossiers obtained from shadow lords. Takes time but it is unlockable.

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nah, wouldn’t be able to wait, love the game, I don’t have a problem throwing my money at them…

it is more the case I feel DE owners should also pay for post S3 content.

thanks bud :slight_smile:

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Dude, a little harsh, especially since I think he’s got a good point and is just airing some legitimate grievances I’m sure are shared by at least a few people on this forum. Some of have supported this game and invested lots of money into all the ultra editions and further content beyond, and yet are still expected to continue to pay full price, despite our ongoing loyalty, whereas those who played the “wait and see” card are reaping the several unanticipated benefits at this point, which gives an honest feeling of buyers remorse. It’s only a human reaction.

However, I think if there were something of an equal value given to those who have given full support to the game before the definitive edition was available, something like an exclusive to those who own all three ultra editions or something, even if only a timed exclusive, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such a weight of buyer’s remorse on the longer standing loyal supporters. Basically, it’s like new players and buyers are being prioritized and the longtime fanbase is being overlooked.

That may not be the case, as IG has been very cool and fair in practically every manner of support for KI. @anthony2690 still has a right to express his personal disagreement with the practice, as long as it is done in a manner which is respectful and free of vitriol and trolling, etc. To an extent I even agree with and share some of his feelings. I’m still going to buy Eagle, but that doesn’t mean I’m over the feeling, as the bitter sting of maybe having my long time loyalty forgotten so easily (it seems) is a bit of a blow.

Do you think three years ago, if everyone played it safe and said “let’s wait three years for the definitive edition to come out,” there would actually be a definitive edition to come out? There’s a fundamental flaw in this logic. As without your loyal and longtimes asking for new content and buying, do you think those who want to get in on it 3 years later are going to have much new and exciting to look forward too? You’ve basically asked a trick question.[quote=“Somea2V, post:5, topic:21350”]
And actually, you are.

Actually he didn’t. He can say it’s unfair and give his reasons if he wants, that doesn’t exactly equate to “gimme Eagle free.” All he’s saying is that maybe IG, out of kindness to their longtime base, could hopefully throw them something as a sign of goodwill to them to say “thank you for your continued support. We want to not just bring in new players, but we hope those who have supported us since the beginning know we value them as continued customers as well.” That’s all he’s saying, and if IG wants to follow that up with some show of gratitude, even if it’s not a free character, it would help a little to sooth the sting.


Its only DE owners on PC correct? Not DE owners on console as well?

It wouldnt really matter anyway because most DE owners already bought Killgore and Shinksako so…meh

If anything should be given away fro free to make it “fair” it should be a gold skin pack…those fukers are too expensive for 3 gold skins.
But anyway I by everything KI regardless if I already have it. I bought DE editon and I didnt even need it…just did it for the Case, Disc, SKin, and APP.

I’ve done that myself but with full price titles digitally :stuck_out_tongue: (before self refunds but ah well)

but MS does have a self refund service now where you can refund games with under 2 hours playtime in a 2 week span.

I am not claiming this was a waste of money also (what I’ve spent on KI) as its one of my three most played games with 20+ days play time :slight_smile:

I think you guys are thinking I regret said funds spent as I don’t :slight_smile:

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heck, I’d just like the gargos skin :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been debating grabbing retail for just the ost anyway, is there a track listing?

Wow, dude, I knew you were a supporter, but that’s core. I bow to you.

The only thing I can claim is I bought Shadow Jago twice. Once with the xbox live year card, and then again when he was available through the community fund. I really wanted that to happen.

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I am glad someone can see where I can coming from, I don’t regret the funds I spent at all, I love what has been done with KI :slight_smile:

I just think rewarding people that complain the loudest and support the least, gives out the wrong impression, if you know what I mean?

I even said I would be buying Eagle too ( aimed at the guy jumping down my throat ) D:

Yeah I did that too lol!
I even bought the Combo breaker disc edition just for the case, even though I dont even need it.
I kind of have a KI collection building up with all the old comics from 94 and the strategy guides from 94 and 96.
I need to put everything out on a table and take a picture… it looks like the KI museum that was at KIWC#1 LOL

I get where you’re coming from dude. Like you, I purchased everything as well, not to say I unhappy with my purchase as much as I understand the unfairness to not getting the free items as others will. Though, I guess I look at it as simply supporting the development which is cool, but I mean… I wouldn’t mind fancying a new skin for our support.

Either way, no issues, no problems, it’s all good.

Look, I don’t mean to give the wrong impression because I do get what he’s saying. It would be super cool for them to offer post S3 content for free. But by saying it’s unfair, that’s the claim. If it is unfair that we have to pay for post S3 content, then it is only fair if we don’t. That’s literally how the language works.

I realize I came down harshly but I am sick and tired of people being irresponsible, short-sighted and immature about how they consume content and spend their money. Is it feasible to say that anyone who wanted to avoid this should’ve just waited three years and buy one thing? Probably not. But the fact is that at any time that you spend money, you are okay with trading that money in that amount for goods and services. If a better deal comes down the line, I’m sorry but you missed out. Plain and simple.

I would love to hear IG come out and say post S3 content will go free on such and such date. But given money has seemed to be an issue for them on this project, is offering it for free really fair to them?

EDIT: On that last part, I meant offering it completely for free not just to DE users. It’s probably because of how the DE is named, which was a rather poor choice in language usage there, and that it’s easy to check who owns a DE as opposed to who purchased every Ultra at release that DE users are getting this consideration.

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I don’t think they’re doing it because people complained. They’re doing it because the game is getting a new release on steam, and so rather than create a new “complete” bundle, “The Difinitiver Edition”, they’re just update what content is included in the definitive edition.