I hate to complain

I honestly don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue: I love KI enough to buy Eagle even though I am no definitive edition owner.

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I honestly think you’re oversimplifying the situation into a short-sighted binary, which is not the case. No one is asking for these characters to be free (in this thread anyway), and most of us have enthusiastically said we would readily invest in buying Eagle upon his launch. I think anyone here understands they need a return on their time and capital investments in order to even have a possibility of season 4 or anything beyond now, it’s still a business. Loyal supporters just don’t want to feel like second class consumers simply because we’ve already bought so much we can’t inject as much back in as new investors buying in just now, and are therefore prioritized lower rather than as equals.

It’s probably a little overreaching to say IG honestly feels this way, as time and again they’ve proven to be a really cool developer. They have my full confidence, unlike a number of AAA developers in the industry.

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Uh I bought everything and even bought the DE and I never got the post season 3 characters free?

Is it confirmed that people who’ve bought all three Ultra packs for each season won’t get the post season characters?

I’d imagine IG and MS would want anyone who’s supported the game to that extent to get the content that’s being applied to the DE surely?

I’m pretty pumped for Eagle myself, his theme sounds awesome :smiley:

Man, I understand your point, but the “extra money” you put in is a very low price for these more than 3 years which you’re playing this game BEFORE someone could even buy the DE version.
I would pucharsed all the content if I could long before, with a smile in the face, to play 3 years more of this awesome game. You’re privileged, you could even be playing in the every key moments where the online was pumping!
Think about it :wink:

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we aren’t though they are not included in the definitive edition

They will be in the future. Whether its for all owners, future owners, pc owners, etc. is up in the air.

where has it said this Officially?

Announced at CEO this weekend, pretty sure they mean for the Steam version though, but the details are not super clear at the moment.

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Ahh if it is just steam version then that makes sense as their version of the game lands after all the content drops :slight_smile:

& my minor complaint was for no reason :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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Got funds ready for eagle already :slight_smile:
I hope they are secretly working on a new game to reveal in 2018

I will give you that this “was” a dead horse, but hr announcement brought the horse back to life. :slight_smile: I can see the point of being a little bitter over it. So someone swoops in at the last minute and buys the DE and is rewarded, but those of us who have bought the Ultimate Edition 3 times are just screwed. Yes, I will buy Eagle, but I do see the point of view of feeling cheated.


Not to be picky, but this is a pet peeve of mine. IG has nothing to do with pricing or release model for the game. That’s MS. So whether it’s good or bad it’s not IG.

As far as the topic - this is a duplicate post. But just for the sake of argument, my guess is they are giving freebies to DE owners because they can actually identify them. For previous versions, there are a half dozen combinations. Maybe you bought Ultra for S1 and S2 but combo breaker for S3. Maybe you bought S1 and s3 but not S2 etc. how are they going to identify who gets the free stuff and who doesn’t? It’s all too complicated. Whereas “free to DE owners” is easy.

The rest is just whiny nonsense. S1 and 2 have already been free in games with gold. But nobody asked for their money back and if they did we would all laugh at them.

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Point taken, but to say that the IG crew’s input doesn’t help shape those decisions would be under valuing the support they put into promotion and content development. The decision may be MS, but I like to think the developers, as fellow gamers, would try to interject and help express their interests in the matter. To what extent it has worked, probably no one can really say, except someone who sat in on those business discussions.

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