I found my top three mains did you?

They are Riptor Arbiter and Fulgore but did you guys find your top three? Let me know my commenting.

Kim Wu, Jago, TJ Combo.

Riptor, Saberwulf, Jago

If I had to pick 3…
Wulf, Sadira, Tusk
But it’s really hard actually choosing :sob:

No I switch up every month but killgore and Maya are guaranteed. My options for 3rd main eyedol(lv40’s), fulgore(previous main), Hisako(previously maimed), Kim Wu, Aria,

Fulgore, Gargos, and everyone else in the cast.

my only “real” main is ARIA. i have a Maya that’s somewhat passable and a trash Hisako + Mira lol. learning Glacius on the side just because i think that character is so fck’n tight. it’d be cool to eventually pick up every character.

Eyedol, Kilgore and Arbiter

Fulgore, Fulgore and um…Sabr…Fulgore

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Jago, RAAM, and TJ/Glacius

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Orchid, Tusk, Mira.

They were my mains, though…

Sub Zero,Jason and Leatherface. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mira,Glacius and Thunder :+1:

Gargos, Cinder and Riptor

Raam, Shisako, Aria. Though I haven’t really been liking Aria lately. After playing weaker characters that require stronger fundamentals and match up knowledge and good neutral etc. it feels kind of cheesy going back to a character that literally just plays her own game and doesn’t care what the opponent is doing.

Tusk, Gargos, Kilgore despite playing him being tedious af.

i don’t know if i would say ARIA can just do whatever she wants at all times, she definitely requires matchup knowledge when you play against higher tier characters. especially since one bad move as an ARIA player can cost you a body, which costs you an assist, two special moves, and a special body property.

it sucks a lot to go into an unfamiliar matchup confidently, get blown up by a single combo, and be out a body. it can make it that much harder to build the momentum an ARIA player needs to really succeed. also since her individual “skills” (rushdown, footsies & zoning) all require a different body, then losing a body means she can’t play a certain type of game anymore, and that can make a matchup go from in her favor to out of her favor very quickly.

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Glacius, Gargos, And Shago.

Jago, Fulgore, Hisako

Omen, Kilgore, & Shago.

Omen, CInder, and Gargos.

Omen - Great normals and is pretty good anywhere on screen. You can play keep away, rush down, or mid screen. And Demonic Despair is fun to land even when its impractical LMAO.

Cinder - nice target combos and juggling ability. But even if I don’t want to juggle, his oki game is pretty strong.

Gargos - kinda self explanatory. His gimmicks are pretty strong and has LOTS of tools for many different situations.