I Blaze my own Trail - Cinder Tech Thread

Play with fire and blah blah… Got some tech? Share it here.

If you try to go on the other side of the opponent with Trailblazer, you still have to do the input as if you were on the right side (the side you were on before). The good news is that he will turn around the right way so it works properly.

Knowing that, you can use the new Pyrobomb change to turn around and throw one while going on the other side. Just remember to watch the button you press or you might end up throwing it really far and missing completely.


Oh, man. @BHswordsman09 you saved me a lot of grief with that one. I was beginning to think you couldn’t do that switching sides with the opponent, I’m going to start trying this out and see what I can do with it.

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Do you have anymore tech?

I have a few things I like to use, I’m going to have a bit more free time soon, and I’m gonna try and make a youtube video of some things you can do on certain situations.

Cool I am a cinder main myself probably already might already know some stuff but wouldn’t hurt to explore new things also you can do shadow pyrobomb in the air to ignore a dp cause his hitbox disaapears.

I started trying to learn Cinder’s juggle combos and have to wonder, is it worth it to do the juggle considering the changes to trailblazer. Isn’t it easier to break them the juggle as a whole now?


My advice to you is to get into the habit of not going for the 2nd trailblazer so you force your opponent to react quicker. You can also use Shadow Fire Flash to cashout juggles.


Yeah Counter Breakers are a risky thing. The 1 hit trailblazers is something Ill try to learn. All the Cinder players have so many styles it makes it fun to craft my own

I keep trying to recapture after one hit trailblazers and then just afterburning all the way to the ground lol but yea I’ve had a really hard time landing counterbreakers on afterburns and recapture for some reason even when I know a combo break is coming. I guess my timing is just wrong, but I can’t seem to get it right.

This is the mark of a die-hard KI fan - the correct amount of “C” is present in the breaker notification.

+1 Interwebz to you sir.


Yes it is way easier to break them now sadly.

At least they’re still good everywhere else.

Just watch out for hail :U

My input from a different thread.

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@Infilament with the tech.


w00t! I got one bomb on him during the combo! Than I got hype…and dropped lol

How come more people aren’t posting sick juggles here?


So I figured this out with the new pyrobomb change. If we do any Cinder juggle and end with a pyro bomb and let them fall (cHP, jMK, mTrailblazer, jMK, pyrobomb) and then detonate it once they land we can launch for another combo. It builds a decent amount of KV but it adds to the Cinder juggle fun

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They can quick rise out of all of those setups unless you use a sweep. Which I’ve been trying to find Tech on and I think I finally discovered a consistent way to OTG with Cinder from punishes that leads to some strong 1 chance break combo’s.

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Alright I made a montage, I managed to fix audio a bit.
Hope someone will learn sth new.