I Blaze my own Trail - Cinder Tech Thread

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Really cool juggles!!!

Sadly, most of the Cinders I face just stand at the far side of the screen and toss pyrobombs until one sticks to me.


Thats the idea, get the pyro, limit movement, convert into burn ender to limit button options. For some it might be lame, I find finesse in Cinders gameplay. Also got the star with him recently, so definitely my fav character.


Which doesnt change the fact, that without using his buttons properly and sticking only to shenanigans, one does not improve, has a chance against top players


IF they used it to hold you down, but most will just stand there and as soon as you move, blow up the bombs and then catch you with two as you fall and start the process all over again. No juggles… No combos… Just a slog fest. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s on you to work your way in in that situation. No different from Arbiter grenade or Kan-Ra scarabs or any zoning in general. Cinder bombs do hardly any chip and don’t build much meter. You ever just sat there for a while to make the Cinder impatient and come to you? Odds are you got impatient first. Sitting there and eating globs, that’s playing Cinder’s game and thus will allow him more time to do what he wants more. I love when I throw globs on people and they go total defense mode. If you let me plant 3, I have soo many trail blazer mixups to do that will almost always open someone up. Who do you play?


Yo 4:11 was sick


Hope you will like it


So I remade my first montage, quality is a bit better, I hope you will enjoy!


A little cute thing