I am really gonna quit every match with a Shadow Jago

Until they nerf or remove that OP hero not gonna play against him. Will quit every match.

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Have fun being in the jail system.


Did you just start playing killer instinct bro? I know shadow jago can be a hassle but with a little bit of patience and knowledge you can get thru it.


What Jail system? its obviously a OP hero and I didn’t even have to play the game for the first time to know that just watching Rico Suave win the tournament and observe I could tell its OP which is also why it costs $10. There are talks about banning Shadow Jago for tournaments aswell I watched Rico suave twitch stream couple days ago and he sucks aswell, on anyother hero besides Shadow Jago he gets owned and we all know why.

They have nerfed Shago since Rico won the KIWC. Like what was said, if you are patient and know when to attack, he is pretty standard to fight. The toughest thing for me to get the hang of was blocking his dive kicks. You can get it though, just stick with it.


There isn’t anything orchid has that seems to be able to counter him he just teleports everywhere watching fights with him you can see even with the nerf he is simply better than other characters.

Take him into training mode and solve your queries.

Or uhh, RQ a bunch? That’s an option too I guess.

Shago is my alt, is there anything in particular you’re having trouble with? Maybe I can help.


To clarify, Shago is being considered for a ban because he is only available for purchase for a limited time, not because they think he’s op.


git gud


Ok. I think you’re trolling lol

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Shadow Jago
â—¦[-] Fixed a bug causing Shadow Shendokuken to hit one extra time when used in a ground combo.
â—¦[-] Added additional recovery time to end of Slide Enders, preventing some unintended juggles and other bugs.
â—¦[-] The earliest moment Shago can cancel out of his Dashes into moves has been moved back 5 frames.
â—¦[-] Shendokuken projectiles deal 20% less damage on hit.
â—¦[-] Shadow Slide is no longer throw invulnerable
â—¦[-] Fixed a really bad bug that allowed Shago to exit his backdash early on frame 20 (of 40) into a block. You should be able to develop Option Selects to punish this backdash now.
â—¦[-] Surge Divekick has 6 frames of additional landing recovery, and is now -3 on block instead of +6 to +8.
â—¦[-] Fixed a bug that allowed Shago to Instinct Cancel the landing of his Shadow Dark Fury Uppercut.
â—¦[+] Shadow Divekick is now throw invulnerable on startup.
â—¦[+/-] Shadow Divekick changed to a single hit that always recaptures, followed by four grounded hits.

Pay attention to the Minuses [-], they spell out the nerfs Shago got, and also highlight a few “opportunities” you’ll have to majorly punish him if you are paying attention during the fight.

You can now punish him after a blocked DP, as well as stop his pressure / momentum after a blocked surged dive kick.

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Shago OP? Please… Most of his moves are unsafe. All you have to do is block and counter-attack. As long as he can’t surge an attack, you should be fine (and if he does have surge, you simply block for longer).

For example, if he does his divekick, you block and hit him with a full combo punish upon landing. If he slides instead, simply block and then hit him with a forward-moving move to reach him. If he reverses the direction on the slide by surging it, simply block in the other direction (and anticipate it by keeping an eye on his surge meter - always keep an eye on that). If he spams fireballs in an attempt ot outzone you, simply take your time by jumping and/or dashing in and blocking or just staying back until you build enough shadow meter to hit him with a projectile invincible shadow move (or if your character can teleport, you could do that too). Those pesky things don’t do much damage anyways… If he surges the DP, and you block it, he’s easily punishable. :wink:

If he manages to land a combo on you, it’s still easy to counter with a combo-breaker as he juggles. If he hits you with a throw or surged DP, he has to follow it up with a manual that you can break - identify (by animation) or guess (by habit) which it is and break accordingly. If you’re too afraid of getting locked out, you can wait until after the manual where most Shagos inevitably do his b+HK flip-kick command attack, that’s always breakable as a heavy (but lookout, as they can counter-break you here).

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


4/1/2016 is still around for 8 more hours, folks.


I believe IG has done an awesome job of keeping all of these extremely different characters balanced.


Dude, Rico didnt even use Shago during the last 3 rounds, he used Omen, & Glacius.

And he doesnt suck… he is the best and all the matches he won that actually matter were not even with Shago.

If anything tusk, Kim WU and Rash are the ones that are OP right now.

Shago isnt that bad once you just figure out how to block him. Its not easy but its not impossible.

Plus shadow counters are MUCH EASIER right now in S# so shadow counter away at his shenanigans!

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I was just thinking that.

Block, punish and win. 2EZ

Tusk? No.
Kim Wu? No.
Rash? No.

…and you didn’t even mention the 1 S3 character that I think is actually almost too good? Arbiter, man… :unamused:

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I havent had any trouble against Aribiter… only Tusk and Kim Wu.

Try using Aganos against a really good Arbiter. I’m sure @RGLOfficial will be more than happy to oblige you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: