I am deeply concerned about the lack of good cosmetics in this game

Hello good day everyone let me first say a big big big big thank you to the amazing devs for bringing this game to the PC and for making it so well optimized and having such god like netcode, after MKX I swore never to touch another fighter on PC but KI has made me realize there are people who care about their product, I didn’t know people cared so much about bringing a proper fighting game to the PC ow and the cross play is amazing just the online on pc is a little buggy when it comes to finding matches sometimes you have to escape and log back in else it remains in searching for player anyways.

I come from moba games like Heroes of Newerth and league of legends where I spend as high as $100 USD on a single costume. (Partisan Witch Slayer costume) is one such example, Coming to KI I was expecting something of similar quality. Allow me to explain, currently the ki gold only orchid sci fi costume is actually worse than the default sexy short pants she has. In Heroes of Newerth when I spend big money on “gold collection” alts there is no question of its quality, spell effects change, colors change, the alts are elegant looking. Male characters have alts that are completely female. Orchid and Maya should have had those mmo female body armors man I would pay a ton of money for that as unrealistic as they may seem, heh its a video game and those stuff sell big.

Lets have a look at Aria, her free yellow color Valkyrie high heels actually look better than the paid gold hologram set version. I think this game has a lot of potential and money to be made from cosmetics if done right they must look good, beautiful stuff like league of legends and heroes of newerth and I personally would spend a lot of money.

Now onto my other concern I am about to buy this game on the PC, but I can’t quite decide on which bundle to buy, none of the characters in season 3 interest me I prefer main player from gears of war rather than a boss same for halo I prefer master chief playable. Anyways my real concern is the supreme bundle you get $18k GOLD Which is $40 USD in itself right.

BUT what are you going to do with this $40 USD in KI Gold? how do we know there will even be a season 4? how do we know they would even make new cosmetics for older characters? this 18k gold could end up being paperweight if they don’t continue with this game.

And since I hate the entire retro costumes no idea why people like this why does saberwulf look like a rat? going retro is actually a downgrade (for me) even though there is nostalgia in it. The KI2 versions would have looked a lot better option for retro costumes imo. But yeah as you can see the supreme edition does not seem to interest me much


The KI gold can be used to by all of those accessories that you mentioned. They have also confirmed the gold will have another use later this season.

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Nah I rather play the game normal and unlock my stuff the normal way I don’t have to use KI gold to unlock anything, the supreme edition even comes with the premium accessories unlocked. I heard something about using gold for crafting in shadowlabs.

I would prefer buying cosmetics with the gold though but again no point buying stuff that can be unlocked through normal play.

Are they done with cosmetics on season 1 and 2 older characters? generally in league and heroes of newerth it matters not how old the characters are. If the character is popular they bring cosmetics for it like every week or so once it sells admittedly they use sex appeal cosmetics to sell.

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This community sure likes to flag everyone that has different opinion lately.


Hi yes I am a big shocked at the behavior of this community I was very polite and respectful in my post and my intentions are only to help this game, so I am really surprised that people would spitefully flag a post because they have a different opinion, this says to me already about how toxic online communities can be. Very sad actually I hope the devs still have a chance to read my post :cry:


This community used to be awesome. The flagging everything started like a month ago sadly.

Some accessories are KI gold only. Plus KI Gold will have some new uses in Shadow Lords. Plus even without the gold,the supreme edition is still an amazing deal.

There is nice people too, just try to ignore the others

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awwww thats sad. They don’t realize they only hurt their own game by being nasty and spiteful to everyone just cause those may have different opinions. It is different opinions that shape games and make it great, sharing ideas and suggestions are what made great games so sad people can’t see that.

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I think they should get rid of the thing that hides messages if it’s been flagged a bunch, if it is flagged a lot then the mods should be notified and they should be the ones to decide whether or not the post is appropriate or not. This thing of hiding people’s posts just because a few people see/read something they don’t like is kind of dumb IMO.


I will flag this post so the devs do not do this. Keep this thread on topic please. And yes more accessories would be sweet.

Have they ever mentioned or hinted anywhere that they would be interested in accessories and other cosmetics for older characters? or when they release accessories is it a one time thing and they don’t bother with it anymore?

All they said is that KI gold will have more uses in the future even if you already have all costumes and accessories. Only one thing the developers will say. Stay tuned…

I would love more accessories aswell.

As for the flagging, I read the post regardless to form my own opinion, as I assume most will. The flagging only gives me a heads up that something ‘might’ be wrong with the post.

So you spent 100$ on this?

Also, those orchidaccesories used to be “free” before. After a bit of grinding. & sadly Orchid looks worse with all her accessories on. On a positive note her main outfit is excellent.

Next time be a lil more honest and post a proper one instead of an image with hon running on a 1985 netbook

Here, now just think this is actually LION from DOTA 2. But a picture is worthless unless you have a video to actually see what you are paying for everything has been redesigned from the ground up including spell effects.

I have no idea whatsoever what it looked like, that image I posted above is what google gave me :slight_smile:
Never played that game. Never played any moba.

Aah yeah I just googled it and I saw the same pic aswell LOL

Technically speaking I paid $50 US but spent $100 US because you have to gamble to get her. She actually could not be bought and you had to also gamble in a limited timeframe of 2 weeks aswell.

She came out for Moscow 2015 Victory Day Parade and she does not return. Personally I would have even spent $200 US if I had to, some people spent $300 and never got her. Its due to the effort they put into it you don’t have to spend any money you get tons of costumes with free silver coins to buy aswell.

Ah, so that game too is plagued by another of those awful systems. Aka lottery.
Like the black market in Black Ops 3.

You have no idea. Someone spent 38k bucks to buy a Dota courier. It’s not about the quality of the item, it’s about exclusivity, some people are willing to pay as much.
It’s funny how now it’s worth nothing. Poor guy.