Humiliation Return?

Since now we all know that Ultimates are coming back in a BIG way. But what about Humlilations? Of course IG needs to come with some funny ideas to make them look well… funny so heres an idea once your opponent is on danger and you’re about to perform the Humiliation your opponent will forced to wear a silly costume and start dancing while that character you picked either starts laughing or dances with your opponent. Leave you ideas down below.


We can have riptor put a silly elf hat on jago and she slaps him with her tail a couple times

You know the classic side to side slap

Rash’s Taunt is of him dancing

I think it’s possible and it doesn’t need to be as flashy as an ultimate :slight_smile:

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They will have to come up with a different dance move or something with rash.

I cna see tos ecoming down the line, for now though Ultimates ftw! now that I know Ultimates are possible, everything is possible!

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Hopefully the timeout animations are included.

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Thanks but no thanks

come on we need some humor in KI.

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Now this…this I do want, also Rash’s humiliation dance, I think I have it:-


Sorry for the double post, but I’d like to see humiliations come back for the music loop alone:-


We already got Spinal, Cinder, and Rash as comic reliefs in KI :wink:

Honestly I think Humiliations should be a bonus meaning add them after every character has their stage and Ultimate.[quote=“KIFANATIC8488, post:11, topic:17433”]
We already got Spinal, Cinder, and Rash as comic reliefs in KI :wink:

Riptor is the biggest comic relief character IMO! Don’t forget her!

How so?

What makes you say that? If anyone, I would say Cinder is the comic relief. Have you listened to the things he says?

Cheerleader outfit,the fact that she farts in KI1994 on her No Mercy, when the narrator says “Riptor just wants to eat” and many other factors.


OK granted those are there, but that was ki then. If ki now wants to set itself apart, and hold itself to the kind of standards that wins fighting GOTY then out it’s going to have to evolve. As I recall ki did in fact take fighting GOTY or at least runner up, I can’t remember.
So what are the standards of being GOTY? Doom just took GOTY for action games, how did they get it? Did they get it by being cartoony and silly? No.
So what kind of image do we want to build as part of the community? Do we want a polished contender among fighting games, or are we OK with devolving into cartoonish, three stoogy random idiocy.

I love the idea of these coming back I really want to hear that Humiliation Theme being updated and brought back.


[quote=“GeneralScrebor, post:16, topic:17433”]
Doom just took GOTY for action games, how did they get it? Did they get it by being cartoony and silly? No.
[/quote] Um…

…yeah, they got GOTY by being a fun game, not by holding up to some elite standard of seriousness and formality. Plus money. They threw a lot of money into the advertising.

BTW…IMHO, the dance taunts there in DOOM should be an example of how humiliations should be handled in KI… nothing character specific, just a good handful of dance animations that anyone could do at random. It would make the humiliations even more interesting, because you would never know which dance you’d get.


What dance taunt? Is that from their multiplayer?

Yeah, and as you can see in that video they do just about every popular dance from modern pop culture that they could come up with from the robot to the cabbage patch to the Carlton to Gungam Style. Virtually nothing was off-limits.