Humiliation Return?

Then is it too much to ask that some form of standard is upheld? There is nothing elitest about having standards, it keeps your product from becoming totally random idiotic crap.

Fighting games have always had goofy, silly elements to them, many of them still do, it’s a part of their overall appeal. Street Fighter has joke characters, Tekken has fighting circus animals, Mortal Kombat had Friendships and Babalities and loads of the early Fatalities were in fact, really silly, DOA has ridiculous boob physics.

What standard exactly are we upholding here, again?

I feel ultimates are humiliating enough to a player to be honest. You already need a supreme to do them. Now if they are adied great more content but. I feel like we could get better stuff in game besides them. So I’m a tad torn

Yeah that’s true. But there is a time and a place for everything. When mortal Kombat wanted to be funny you got babalities which were funny as was the point. When street fighter wanted to be funny they had a bonus stage where you beat the crap out of some dudes car who comes in and cries when it’s busted and when ki wanted to be funny they had humiliation which were hilarious in their over kill.
There is a time and place for everything. Ki is an otherwise serious fighting game, but to add characters like beavis and butthead because it’s funny is neither the time or place.

With how ridiculous the character archetypes are, and how farfetched the story is, I really would have to disagree with you here, I’m not even talking guests:- Kim is a bratty teenage unlikely hero, Spinal is hilarious to listen to, Cinder is KI Deadpool.

The characters are movie archetypes loosely bound together in the story because it’s awesome to see a vampire take on a werewolf, or a dinosaur beat up a robot, nobody is taking this all that seriously, otherwise we’d never have suggestions like T.J Combo with a shark head.

I’m not sure where you’re getting characters being able to perform a dance finisher on their opponents as being utterly ridiculous from, given the crazy world this game is taking place inside.

Also it’s not on par with adding Beavis and Butthead as characters, that seemed like a completely random subject change considering we were discussing Humiliations.

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No, it’s not too much to ask, but to be honest even if they did add Humiliations in one way or another I would guarantee that MS/IG would make sure it would be done in a way that it would match the tone of the rest of the game.

That being said the flailing animation in TJ Combo’s and Aria’s stage ultras are a pretty clear indication that the KI team doesn’t take the game too seriously.


Rash has loopable hip-thrusts and uses his tongue as a grappling hook, RAAM’s fMK is just him skipping menacingly at you, you can hit people into wrecking balls, and there’s a Shadow Lords event with a suspicious glowing green sheep which is apparently completely inconspicuous on a closer look, how dare you distract it from its busy schedule.

KI has some silliness, and that’s fine. DOOM has a bit, Overwatch has a chunk, and everyone loves them. You can indeed have madcap matches and combos, but they’re still full of character.
SF5 may win awards, but that’s because it’s popular because it’s Street Fighter. I doubt many people actually enjoy how humdrum SF5 is thematically (outside of its story mode).

But I do think I get your point. A little absurdity is nice and KI has a good tone right now, but going overboard and becoming slapstick could really harm said tone, especially in say major tournament finals. I wouldn’t want to watch a hype match between godlike players only to have RAAM or Gargos put on a rainbow afro and disco party at the end. It could put off the new viewers that tournament footage tends to bring in, and make the KI scene lose face.
Humiliations would need to be done tactfully, but I also trust that IG would have our best interests in mind.

(tldr: agrees with WrathOfFulgore)

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Just have a cutscene with two Spinals laughing at you while pointing at you (breaking the 4th wall) if you fail to land one hit during the match and lose.

That will do it.