How would you feel if Tech Rolling was introduced to balance out Flip Outs and Vertex heavy setups?

Tech Rolling is used in the Marvel vs Capcom and Tekken games to help you get out of extended combos.

Here are some common properties of Tech Rolls according to The Shoryuken Wiki:

• The person who is rolling is invincible till they get up.

• Everyone’s roll is the same meaning they travel the same distance and at the same speed.

• When the person is getting up they are invincible while rising
meaning things can be going through them and they will not be hit until
they are in standing animation. This means that they can be crossed up
while they are getting up. For instance Magneto’s CR.HK can cross them
up because if Magneto’s sprite is RIGHT in the middle of the person who
is getting up it will cause a lot of confusion on which side to block so
it becomes a cross-up and sometimes unblockables happen for that
reason. However, if the move the person is trying to do is a low move
the person getting up can jump straight out of it since apparently there
is some invincibility while you’re jumping to so you never hit standing
animation. The only thing that can stop you is a move that would hit
you from mid or high.

• The person who caused the guy to fall and roll can control
which direction the person will roll by standing or being above the
person on a certain side. Sometimes this can also be done by just
waiting there after you perform a sweep if you’re Magneto or someone who
moves a lot during their sweep. You would just sit there as the guy
rolls to the other side (forward). If you were Magneto you could SJC
towards them

So, how would you feel about tech rolls in KI? If you want them, how would you implement it? Can you tech roll out of a flip out or is it only for normal knockdowns? Would it cost meter?

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People already complain about how awkward the big characters look when they perform a flip out and you want to make them roll? I mean it sounds like a decent idea but it seems like it’ll turn out bad when you see Gargos or RAAM roll across the ground.

I honestly think the Flip Outs and the Vortexs are fine but I don’t think tech rolls would change high level play that much.

At a low level, scrubs have another option to help them get out of nasty set ups. But at a high level, good players just find more set ups and more ways to combat against it. Tech rolls are

They look awkward to a lot of people? I never felt that way.

Sounds like vanilla SFxT where people complained rolls were get out of jail free cards which they were.

The weren’t a get out of jail free card in the Marvel Series. I wonder what made SFxT’s so bad.

Anyway, KI has chars with lots of unique moves and combo traits that give them a lot of mobility compared to SFxT. So I don’t think it would be a big issue.

I wouldn’t mind this. Finding set ups that caught all tech directions was always fun in Marvel, and half the time the person was just mixing themselves up for trying it, granted KI isn’t as crazy as Marvel so it might not play out that way.

They were available on any knockdown, were invincible till rising and you were able to block o do whatever the moment you could press buttons again. Then they nerfed it to where rolls can only be canceled into block on the last few frames of recovery and the last 7 frames were throw vulnerable (basically a free throw from the offense .)

It’s a double edged sword for me. But not the good kind of double edged sword though.

I don’t mind the flip out animations either but there were people who didn’t like them, this would just give people another reason to complain about.

I feel it would unnecessarily overcomplicate the game’s oki.

Wouldn’t say I’m 100% against because I’d have to actually see it working to be sure if I’d end up liking it or not, but as a first impression of the idea I don’t think I’d go for it.

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it doesnt have to be a roll. each charecter could have their own unique animation like Raam using the krill to surround him and carry him away a bit as he gets up instead og him actually rolling. or glacius could use his puddle punch animation as he forms turns solid as he is going forward or backward

That’s sounds a lot better since everyone could get something unique to them while providing another defensive gameplay mechanic to the game.

as long as like similar to combo breakers all characters get the same set of invincibility and range though.

I think something like aerial rolls and emergency roll would be cool. It could cost meter or resources to perform …

Guess people will really love street fighter perfect.


The only time I saw Tech Rolling being part of the game and fitting well was Smash Bros.
It’s platform was practically built for stuff like that with free 2D movement in mind (Tech-Chasing) and mind games.

With traditional fighters, you really can’t do much with it (imo) since you can only react to tech rolling when your character decides to auto correct itself to face the right direction.

In a game like KI, I can see it as a potential character trait if S4 happens.

So long as it’s balanced and doesn’t ruin the current gameplay we have now then by all means they can go ahead and add it if not oh well.

Well when you make a new mechanic you have to factor EVERY character and their toolset and how they might be affected by it.

After thinking it over, I don’t want it in.

Another way to Get out of setups and oki, and force offender to learn option selects. Doesn’t have to be the same, maybe similar. Either way you cant be otgd or hurt universally (tusk, raam) on kds in ki so it doesn’t have to be the same. Maybe make it a character trait on a new character…