How would you feel if Tech Rolling was introduced to balance out Flip Outs and Vertex heavy setups?

He/she asked why and just why, which is a loaded question without specifics. I merely stated one of the effects of having something like that in the game. The offender would need to learn os’ to be able to not need to rely exclusively on pure raw reads for oki.

This isn’t blazblue, and everything can be combo broken and otg stuff is almost non existent (character specific), so something remotely similar to aerial , roll and emergency tech should cost, especially taking all mus into account and the nature of ki (melting pot). Having something similar being char specific could totally work. Kinda how gargos can burst and multi jump, kan can super jump, mira can air dash etc.

Just food for thought

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Noooooo thanks. I like the way oki works right now, I don’t wanna have to use less effective setups that chase rolls.


I would add delayed wake up instead.

If they were to be introduced they have to cost meter and be throwable if read like sfxt imo.

Theirs a problem If you want it to cost meter is what would the input be in other games it’s like quick stand and a direction but if it’s that couldn’t we get a lot of situations were someone accidentally waste meter trying to do something else. Also how would it work would it cost half a bar because a full bar would be too much especially since it’s grabbable. Also would this mean omen will have 6 because if you make it cost a full bar him but then he would only have 3. Second wouldn’t we want it universally used but why would omen or Mira use it because they have something similar but more effective for little resources. These are some questions we have to answer for this to even work.

It would probably be a good addition if it were implemented on a single new character and properly balanced, but as an extra tool for the whole cast…I don’t think it would be such a good idea.

I’m also strongly against delayed wakeup. You already have delayed wakeup–on soft knockdowns. I remember people excited for delayed wakeup “solving” unblockables in USF4…then the game rolls around, and most of those same characters had the best setups to work around delayed wakeup, while worse characters were left high and dry with their best setups becoming largely ineffective. If you let someone delay their wakeup on HKD by, say, 10 frames, that’s probably just going to make a character like fulgore who gets setups from highly active meaty fireballs better because he’s not reliant on normal meaties.

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Coming from a standpoint where flipouts are hard to break/read unless your opponent does it frequently, I’d say that’d be good. The other side of the coin is that if I tried to flipout and the other guy tech rolled, I’d really get ragey very very quickly as flipout isn’t as hard to read as it is for me and others like me with no sight.

Basically, no matter what you do someone’s going to find a way to make your life hell with a tool like that, so I’m very strongly against it even coming near the game as SFIV and Marvel were both games I’d thought I’d like but ended up hating for inclusion of overcomplicated tech. Ki’s fine the way it is imho.

I’m going to have to say no on this I don’t want KI streetfighter or KI Mortal Kombat or KI marvel we don’t need other mechanics from other fighting games just because THEY have it in there’s just learn more about the mechanics that are already in THIS game KI is and always has been about long combos and combo breaker’s so if you’re not liking being in long combos maybe this isn’t the game for you this is what bothers me about these forms that you ppl get on here and complain about things that you don’t like and don’t want to practice with and then ultimately the game changes because of troll ■■■ whiners this game has already been slow down and changed so much for new players base that I’m sick of changing things to appeal to newcomers this game has been out almost 3 years so I believe that it’s time for changes and balancing characters to come to an end sometimes less is more we don’t need anymore mechanics added IMO

  1. Punctuation is helpful to trying to get your point across.
  2. Tech rolling, irrespective of how you feel about it, has nothing to do with the combo and breaking systems. Neither tech rolling nor delayed wakeup would have any effect on how combos play out - they would simply modify the parameters around which okizeme occurs. KI would still “be about long combos” even if such a system were incorporated.
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