How to get to 100% completion fast?

What is the fastest way to get 100% completion in shadow lords?
Is it better to do only the missions?
Do every fight?
Only fight mimic’s, and / shadows?
Playthrough with what characters?

I don’t know much but I can try beat Gargos on godlike get all guardians dossiers and do missions.

Just keep grinding. Do every mission you can, use a variety of guardians/items, keep opening loot packs, etc.

I’d you’ve completed a character’s dossiers you can ignore missions where you fight their mimics. As you start to whittle them down, concentrate on the characters you’ve yet to complete.

I’m at about 80% so that should be evidence enough to say that this works.

Use different characters on every playthrough
And change around your guardians alot.
Then you will get more character specific missions and more guardian specific dossiers.
Also yeah, what the other people said - playthrough on godlike will get you stuff faster. Better rewards etc.

There is an achievement for beating shadowlords with 0 deaths too

I’ve been getting dossier drops like crazy went up 5% last night alone from 83-88

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Ask @IceWater714, since he already did it.

Am I safe in assuming that’s 100% out of 104%? I haven’t talked to anyone that has the Mask of the Ancients dossier yet, so I’m guessing IceWater doesn’t have everything completed. Well, currently you can’t be at full completion since there’s no way of getting Astral Tiki and Lion until they’re available for purchase.

I’m currently sitting at 101%. All I have left from the characters is four Shin Hisako dossiers, Mask of the Ancients, Crimson Owl and the Astral Tiki / Lion stuff. So I think about ten to twelve dossiers in total. Would LOVE it if someone was finally able to get Mask of the Ancients so I could find out how to get it. :slight_smile:

There is no fast way. You just have to play. I’d suggest trying to gear who you actually play against toward characters whose dossiers you need.

No, at least not at the beginning (or middle). Although the missions certainly help, if you’re just starting out, you want to play everyone you can as much as you can. Don’t start narrowing down until you need to.

Doesn’t seem overly relevant as far as I’ve seen. Shadows, Mimics, and real characters can all drop dossiers. I have yet to see any of them drop dossiers at a greater rate than any of the others. Though certain characters do tend to drop dossiers more frequently than others. Some characters, Omen, TJ Combo, Jago, Aria and Cinder seemed to be harder for me to come by than some of the others, but that was just my experience.

All of them. Switch it up more in the beginning, but then as you start to need specific dossiers, start using character that have missions that tend to drop dossiers more often. If you need Omen dossiers, use Jago more (for example). I believe Mira and Maya both tend to help get one another’s dossiers, if I’m not mistaken.


Mask of the Ancients is the big one, the rest will come eventually.

True. Getting Shin Hisako’s for me has been really tough since she’s the only character I have left and she hardly ever comes up to play against in SL and even when she does, she doesn’t seem to drop dossiers.

But yeah, those will drop and so will the guardian dossiers. Just need that Mask of the Ancients.

Finally hit 100%, what a grind it’s been. Don’t even want to attempt 101% to 104% - for instance I’m missing SabreWulf, Kan-Ra and TJ Combo dossiers… how many of these mimics do you think I’ve beaten so far? Over 100 for sure.

And now I’ll get back to actually becoming a good player of KI without Guardians, items, etc

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Good for you. It was a pain for me as well.

Find characters that pop missions vs those characters. Fulgore as Captain has a special mission where you can fight many characters. I got wulf to 100% from that a long time ago.