How to download the free post season characters

I purchased the KI: DE retail version, but am not able to download the post season 3 characters for free. Are they only available for purchase now, or is there a way to still get Eagle, Kilgore, and Shin Hisako for free?

@snickerdoodle can help you
Also use the search bar/icon for those topics and sift through other threads to find answers more quickly.

That’s why I started a new thread…I tried searching the fortune for two days, but all I could find was people complaining about not having the characters…not how to fix it.

There is a thread where you can post your GT, console, and issue and @snickerdoodle will fix you up. It should be one of the top threads right now.

here is the link

She probably should have made a better title and PINNED it on the top of theboard, but owell. She can help you. Good luck!

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Thx for the help.

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OI. I heard that!

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