How to avoid annihilation

Hey everybody, how’s it going?

Made a little ditty on Shago’s Annihilation move. It’s nowhere as scary as it seems.

Hope you enjoy :smiley:


This has to be the greatest video I’ve seen about Shadow Jago. Nice references to everything under the sun. And I love the humor. Really. I wish I was funny like that.

15/2 -IGN



Hehe, thanks man :smiley: Glad you enjoyed it!

Is there a way I could share this on my Channel? Lol I want to soooooooo Bad…

Not sure, I’m pretty new to this whole having a YouTube channel thing. I certainly don’t mind though :smile:

Lol me too. If you find a way, let me know.

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Great job!


Thanks man. Had you in mind when I made the decision to put the text on the video along with the voice over.


I’m really happy for you put text in video! I’m deaf!


Yeah exactly; I was thinking “If I don’t use text to augment the voice-over, this video will look cryptic and pointless to someone who can’t hear it”.

I’m still new to YouTube so I’m unsure how to use the captions, but I intend to find out and get some closed captioning going.


lol great vid, I guess jumping would be safest bet, especially for someone (me) inexperienced?

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Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! And if you’re new to KI, welcome! :smiley:

Jumping is definitely the safest bet (and if you’re directly on top of him when he pops Annihilation, pretty much your only bet). The vast majority of the attack examples in my video only worked because I was not point-blank (though I was toe-to-toe in most of them).

As @Infilament suggested in another thread, jumping back will not only allow you to avoid it but will also allow for a grounded punish due to Annihilation’s significant amount of recovery frames.

Who is your main character so far?

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I like Jago a lot (because I’m most familiar with his moves), Sabrewulf and Cinder. I also like Thunder and Omen but only Jago and Wulf are the ones I feel somewhat in control with, and I know it’s cliche because I read here on forums that these are everyone’s starting characters, Cinder is REALLY fun but takes a bit more knowledge to use effectively.

I tried a few matches online, got my ■■■ handed to me, but I expected as much at this point, the game is not new and there’s people that play it daily so yeah. :blush:

thank you for the welcome greet and judging from what I see around these forums KI community is a bunch of nice ppl hehe :smile:


You will now be forever known as Uncle Marble to me. xD

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Likewise. :laughing:

Hey Marble, what program did you use for Editing?

Check under Closed Captions under your channel. Like where you can find your statistics and such, I think there is one for CC, or something similar, like Cards on a tab on the left hand side.

#EDIT: Go to your channel, go to “Video Manager” on the top, click on the video you want, and edit it, then there should be a button that says Subtitles & CC. From there, you can edit it to have captions.


I use Sony Vegas Pro 11! I was lucky enough to inherit a copy many years ago, and thus far it’s served my purposes well. It’s certainly not perfect, but it works :smile:

Yo, thanks so much Ninja! :smiley:

AH. Ok. I’ve been looking for one to use! That’s a good one I hear. Maximillian Dood uses Sony Vegas for his videos.

No problem dude! :smile:

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Last I checked, it was way cheaper than Adobe Audition. I honestly am not experienced enough to say it’s better or worse than anything else… all I know is that I like it :smiley:

I did not know that! His videos look pretty damned sweet to me. He makes really good use of it! I clearly have some homework to do.

Youtube it bro! Best tutorials on the internet! :smile:

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Great video, Marble! Can Hisako not answer Annihilation with her Influence command grab, though? That’s command grab invulnerable. She can use it to evade Kan-Ra’s and Thunders grabs. She might have to use a certain button to make sure to evade the grabbable part of the throw. I’m at work and can’t try.