How should Ultimates be done, that is if they add them?

IMO we should veer away from the past and get rid of the archaic button input to preform an ultimate. They should be seemless to match how the game playes now. It should be nice and fluid.

Here are how imagine they should play out…

Enemies are in danger

  • Input button combo after opener to lead strait into ultimate.

  • Begin an ultra and transition to Ultimate.

If it ends as an ultimate. Then it overides the ultra and in considered and Ultimate.

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Simple as possible. There’s really no need to have to memorize it as a unique command. Honestly, I feel like that’s kind of a hold over from the arcade days where stuff like that was meant to be a secret that you found and told your friends about. Now they tell you in an in-game menu, so I don’t really see why it couldn’t be streamlined for everyone.

Maybe it’s as simple as:

  1. Do an ultra
  2. Pop Instinct
  3. MP+MK

This way it makes it slightly more rare since you have to have a full instinct meter to do one, but if you do, it’s still rather easy to perform.

in my guesses it should be implemented with similar mechanics from classic KI’s. You may trigger an ultimate while performing a combo by using the reverse command from stage ultra trigger.

For example: Spinal. He triggers his stage ultra by pressing down, back an the 3 punches. For his ultimate, we shall press down forward and the 3 punches.

Another example: Riptor. You need to press <- -> + 3 kicks for her stage ultra. For her ultimate, you may press -> <- + 3 kicks.

Yes it should be easy no hard nputs

I think the season 1 boss version of Shadow Jago is a good indication of how they might do it. Since there are no dizzy states in the current KI like the old games I’m sure they may just have you combo into them like we do with Ultras. The boss version of Shadow Jago just did the input once you were in danger. So instead of doing an Ultra Combo like now we would just do the input for an ultimate; Same thing with stage ultras too.

Imagine a Kim Wu hilltop dojo Ultimate!!!

Although id love to see a return to KI2 black screen dedicated win sequences. Im tired of seeing jago and thunder maya only start to walk away and an odd pause

I guess Orchid did get something good, a win animation
If she was to say one step closer and then be paused at her first closeup id throw my controller

What about stringing ultra’s into ultimate’s though? That way it will feel fresh something new and different.

@Iago407 Thats pretty much how I feel ultras and ultimates can be combined, where there is some challenge but not to challenging. It would be more about Instinct control like a risk and reward type system. But I don’t think it should MP+MK, that is for enders. Maybe reverse the direction inputs, since stage ultra’s use the opposite attack button.

Ultimate or ultra tho none of that 2 minute stuff

Begin the Ultimate the same way you do any combo. That’s how I see it. You don’t have to deal with putting an Ultra waiting and then wait to do the Ultimate. If you do the Ultra you don’t get to do the Ultimate.

Let’s keep it simple.

Also some suggestions:

If the cinematic idea doesn’t work then they can do it the same way as the Ultra would with minimal changing angles that are similar to a level 4 ender etc.

Just make it the opposite input as the Ultra. No need to complicate things.

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The best way in my head is to make ultimates act a lot like ultras (they are a specific ender you perform while the opponent is in danger), and you input it by the same motion as your ultra, except hold the 3 attack buttons. The ultra will be performed for the first 2 or 3 hits, and then it will transition into an ultimate with a screen darkening or whatever they need to do there.

Coupled with this, there should be character-specific “ultimate triggers” you have to perform during the match. So, with Jago, land around the world once and cure 20% health back over the course of the match, or something like that. Something that is reasonable to achieve through regular play, but you have to intentionally do it.

This has several benefits and no conceivable gameplay drawbacks that I can think of:

  • you don’t have to remember yet another character-specific command for the ultimate, it’s the same as ultra
  • by holding the attack buttons, you will get ultra (and not drop your combo) if you didn’t fulfill your ultimate trigger
  • it leaves a bit of suspense as to whether your opponent is doing an ultimate or not, since the first couple hits are the same
  • you can still do normal ultras and ultra enders whether you fulfilled the ultimate trigger or not
  • any time you could do multiple ultra combos, you could instead choose to do ultra into ultimate instead
  • ultimate combos are not “just another finishing move you can always do”, they are differentiated from ultras and stage ultras by the ultimate triggers being performed

I really like this idea. It’s hard for me to imagine unique conditions for each character that would all be around the same difficulty to achieve, so a universal condition would work pretty well too I think. But I’m sure there is a reasonable way to make unique ones.

I don’t care what the inputs are, as long as you can still activate at the end of a combo. More ways to end the match is sorely needed in this game.

Don’t think it’s too hard. Everyone has a unique instinct and a unique combo trait, so right away the easiest answer is just “use your combo trait 3 times” or “do something specific with your instinct”. But for characters with “boring” instincts or combo traits, you could do things like… “perform each of your enders”, “land each special move 2 times”, “do 3 shadow linkers in the match”, or some combination of these + whatever else.

The real question is whether they have the budget/interest to program in each individual check and do all the necessary bug testing to make sure it triggers. I think it’d be pretty cool but MS/IG may not agree. If they do ultimates, maybe it’s just easier for them to say “make it another motion and be done with it”, although that puts a lot more burden on the player to remember all these extra commands, I think.

Yea but that’s kinda what I mean by it being hard to make sure they’re all the same difficulty. Though difficulty might not be the right word I guess. Like, if that was the case and you dominate a match, you’re never gonna get the chance to pop instinct. So with some characters you’d be able to fulfill the requirements and ultimate anyway, whereas with others you wouldn’t get the chance at all since the requirement involves being in instinct.

Yea that’s true too. I’m not sure how much effort or work it would take to implement this, so I can see them just opting for a new input like with stage ultras.

Im not to keen on having to preform specific tasks to do an ultimate, it over complicates things and could be an annoyance for casuals. Like I don’t even know what “around the world” really is lol, I know its a specific trait to jago but I don’t really understand what it is.

I see what you mean, maybe just simpler requirements then? I just feel that if there were no limitations, everyone would use Ultimates as opposed to Ultras, which defeats the idea of variety.

I think the best way to go is to start and ultra and tranistion into an Ultimate, or start a combo and transition into an Ultimate…IDK we will just have to see how it plays out.

Just so you know, Around the World is Jago’s trait, where he can go from Heavy Autodouble, to medium, to light, without linkers. You can start it from any strength as long as the Next one is lower in strength.

Example: Heavy, Medium, Light
Medium, Light, Heavy
Light, Heavy, Medium

If done successfully, Jago gets some Instinct.


EDIT: Fixed errors in the post! :wink: