How Salty Will You Be?

How salty will you be if your favorite character isn’t among the first characters to receive ultimates? As someone relatively new I really have no favorite character yet so it doesn’t really matter to me. Will you be upset? Will it effect your choice of characters in a match?

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I think most people here like more than one character so while yeah they’ll get upset, they’ll probably shift mains. Luckily for me TJ is part of wave 1 :slight_smile:

While my main (Jago) is already confirmed, I do question whether my other two (Hisako and Fulgore) will be part of the 15 as well. Despite that, I’m rather optimistic that everyone is going to get one soon. If not part of the original lineup then I hope for a later date.

I dont think there’d be a ton of salt. Many players pick up multiple characters so with close to 2/3 getting ultimates (and damn near everyone has a pocket Jago…) i dont think many people will miss out. Just some extra flavor for switching characters.

I can see WHY they’d be but the buzz now is ‘oh its (Thunder) recycled animations/not brand spanking new…’ which is whatever.

I’m not too concerned to be honest, it’s nice that people get to have Ultimates, but I haven’t been exactly blown away by what I’ve seen thus far, which is basically a variant on 2 characters’ special moves with a bit of fancy camera work.

I got Shadow Jago. But I won’t be salty if Spinal doesn’t get one. Certain characters can do without them.

Not too worried about it.

I honestly don’t care. I generally just do ultra cancels to get the match over with. Once my main has her Ultimate then I’ll use it.



Not very. We know that pretty much all of em are getting one and that they are free, so you just gotta be patient

I am lucky that mah boi Tusk will be one of first who get one, but I would be sad if the rest wont get their Ultimates.

Given that, having no sight, I can’t see my opponent’s chosen character, even if they counterpick, I can’t prevent it really. Basically I just pick a character I can play well and if they pick a character that’s tough for mine to fight for whatever reason then so be it.

If Fulgore or other characters I play don’t get ultimates, I’ll just wait because I believe, at this point in time, it’ll happen eventually.

I won’t be salty if my character isn’t among the first characters to recieve ultimates, actually I already know he isn’t there. That would be a ridiculous feeling in my opinion…

BUT… I would be very disappointed if he didin’t receive his Ultimate anytime. Sabrewulf is one of the most classics characters in KI, because he appeared in all editions so far and is one character I see a bunch of people playing with and putting him on their favorite list, enough reasons to give him some love.

It also happen with some other classic characters. Imagine if Jago and Fulgore won’t recieve their Ultimates? Both classic and important characters to KI talking about it’s story mode…

Aganos… Raam… Rash… Sadira… Aria… Omen… I’m sorry for their players/fans, I have nothing against them actually I really like each character, but I would put them at the end of the queue to recieve, for sure.

I’d be very salty but then again I’m confident the devs will address the otehr 15. Within reason though we can expect at least all the classic KI characters to get an Ultimate but that isn’t solid.

Personally I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that Riptor, Fulgore and Cinder are among the 15, and for my bro’s sake: Glacius.

Also I wanna adress this: I love how people complain of some recycled animations used in Thunder’s Ultimate, yet if you ask me it’s well done and executed. Personally I think it’s silly how people complain about it, yet Ultras are just combo attacks recycled like crazy and as a result are the easiest thing to make finisher wise, they don’t even vary.

If Ultimates have a little bit of recycle it’s perfectly fine, we’re seeing the characters true powers and abilities turned up to 11 or higher and so long as they have different enough modifications they should be fine. Even though classic KI had some crazy finishers and most are not recycled they were still an insight in the characters abilities.

That in my opinion is what Ultimates are about; they not only should put an absolute end to your opponent, (something Ultra’s fail to do) They show off your character’s best abilities. I don’t think it’s wrong for IG to use the specials as a launching pad for Ultimates so long as they make the moves uniqe enough (and they have in my opinion) and cinimatic enough, I think it works out fine.

If they had to make whole new animations for characters, chances are you wouldn’t even see the number they were aiming for which for right now is 15. I think once they get up to that point they’ll be masters of it and can finish up the rest.

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Irrelevant to me.

Just ultra-insta ender. Never perform full ultras or Shago ultimate.

If my characters get an ultimate, I will use it once against every character, and then very occasionally against friends. Never in ranked


I’m just waiting for Riptor, Kan Ra, eyedoll, fulgore , Kilgore and Saberwulf ultimates.

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Couldn’t care less. I’m assuming the fifteen characters will be the original cast members. (Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Orchid, Thunder, Fulgore, Spinal, TJ, Maya, Riptor, Cinder, Tusk, Kim Wu, Gargos & Eyedol).

Honestly, Shadow Jago having an ultimate was kind of cool due to uniqueness. Everyone having one seems rather needless and the animations thus far have been lackluster.

I have never understood the whining and crying for ultimates and no mercies and humiliations. Why in the blue space do you care about something that amounts to a glorified win pose? Is earning your win not enough and you need a participation trophy to make you feel special?

@Somea2V I disagree perosnally, I think having Ultimates means you have more options and it’s more open to more fun in the match, especially if you earn it. Shago having an Ultimate is cool, but if ya haven’t noticed, not all of us are Shago players and want some fun without having to use a character we don’t wanna play. Uniqness in this instance is irrelevant.

And for me personally, YES! I want to really seal the deal on my opponent, Ultras don’t do it for me, so as a result, I am happy Ultimates are coming, I’m crossing my finger and hoping that all my mains hit the 15, and if they don’t all get one, I’m sure the devs are going to finish it with the rest down the line.

I think it’s just 15 right now, because they’re not use to doing them for characters but hey, we’re talking about the people who picked things up as season2 was starting, if they could keep KI going after DH’s unfortunate absence they can do anything.

On top of that, now it can become a literal “killer” instinct.

Am already used to disappointment so no issues here. Sadira never gets any cool stuff.