How much money have you spent in this game?

Directly related:

season 1 ultra: 39,99 €
season 2 ultra 39,99 €
shadow jago community funding 20€
3x xp booster 14,97€


that’s 126,67 $ USD

Collateral spending:

xbox titanfall edition 500€ + shadow jago day one card 60€ + 37’’ screen 299€ + shadow jago figure plus shipping 52,18€ + everything I said before:


that’s 1130,60 $ USD

If I owned a stick or KI apparel it would be even more. Sadly I don’t.

How much have you spent on KI? directly and indirectly (If you are a TO or a pro player you can count trip expenses/organization expenses)

I bought seasons 1&2 (combo breaker editions) and paid into the Shadow Jago fund, so that’s $60

I bought my Xbox One second hand for $300 flat.
Both Ultra Editions = $80
An 86’d shirt = $25
Controller = $65
Xp booster = $5

Total = $475

If you count 2 years of Live Gold that’s $595.
Getting the Shadow Jago figure when I get paid on Friday, shipping and taxes probably comes to $50.

New total: $645

Edit: I bought my Xbox One specifically for Killer Instinct.

Season 1: Free, I had Microsoft points laying around.
Season 2: Free, it was a gift.
Shadow Jago: Free, they gave him away at Evo.
Season 3: Free since I have over three thousand bing rewards points waiting for it.
Fightstick: Free, a girl on craigslist was giving away her ex’s stuff.
Evo trip: Free since I made all my expenses back selling the Shago codes I got at the venue on ebay.
Evo trip 2: $100.
SCR trip: About $10 in gas, $9 in parking. And $70 venue fee.
Total: $189.

Season 1 disk$20
Season 2 CB pack $20
XB1 500$
Season 1 and 2 for 2 friends $80
2 gold memberships for this game.(yearly) $120
Elite controller plus decal for KI for it $170

Total is $910

I’m new with this amazing game, so here are the prices I paid in real and today value in dollars

Season 1 = R$ 39,00 (US $ 10,40)
Season 2 = R$ 24,90 (US $ 6,64)

Total: R$ 63,90 (US $ 17,04)

around 100$ I guess. I whish I could spend more but gold is useless, now its not anymore because of the xp booaters but I have almost all characters at level 50. Gonna buy S3 ultra edition and xp boasters when s3 comes out.

I came in here thinking this was going to be easy until I remembered that I specifically bought the Xbone for KI. So let’s try… Please nobody tell my wife how much I spent :stuck_out_tongue:

Xbone, Xbox Live (inc. taxes)- $500
Upgrading fightstick to xbone/ps4- $200
New buttons, art & plastic for fightstick -$60
KI big ultra mega bundle- $80
Additional fightstick (gift for my BFF so he could play on stick too)- $175
Shipping additional fightstick- $23

… I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m leaving :frowning:

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500$ for XBone- bought for KI until Destiny and Halo5 came out
50$ CronusMax to try and use hitbox with KI (did not work)
200$ TE2 KI edition
50$ X1 Pad to padhack hitbox
80$ Both ultra seasons
20$ Shago fund
50$ Xbox live (only counting first year since I now use xboxlive for more than KI)
50$ Shago figurine for my brothers xmas present

About 1000$ Even

I’ve spent a lot on peripherals to be honest KI is playable on pad, hitbox and fightstick. And I believe you can do well on any of them. I just like to mess around with variety.

I just got the full packages for both seasons, that’s it. But I got my xbone for this game and the TE2 stick, so you might include that in the total costs. And a Cronusmax and now a Titan One since my Cronusmax broke. That’s it. No Shago yet, I’ll get him now that he is a real boy. Also, no xp boosters.

And, oh… I got the KI shirt from eightysixed and I plan on getting the Fulgore one too. And participated in Red Fight District which was like 20 euro’s in total.


Season 1 & 2 Ultra Editions
Fight Stick
KI shirt
Shadow Jago 6" figure but WTF $13.50 to ship a 6" figure

Xbone from WalMart in January 2015 (specifically so I could play KI) - $350
Most expensive KI purchase option at the time - I believe was $60
MadCatz TE2 (KI edition) - $200
Hori RAP - $150
KI Community Fund - $40

I’m not going to count my trip to CEO (which entailed car rental, hotel, food and price of entry) or my impending Shago figurine purchase (not sure how much shipping is going to end up being for me yet).

Xbox one free won $550 at the ki launch tournament
Season 1 ultra $40
Season 2 ultra $40
CronusMax $50
so total $130

I got both Ultra packs ($80).
I got one of the last Day One Shago XBLA cards ($50).
I’ve gone through 2 controllers with my button mashing ($120)
I also got a Fulgore T-Shirt ($20)
So between $130-$270

Xbox one 350
Ki season 1 ultra on sale 20 bucks
Ki season 2 ultra 40 bucks
Madcatz te2 170
Traded te2 for atrox plus 40 bucks
Dual modded atrox 50 bucks (90 for te2 was dual modded aswell)
Shadow jago day one year of live 40 bucks was on sale on target around this time

Now the shago toy :frowning:

Xbox one (week after launch - canada…so i think it cost 500 then … or was it 400…either way whatever it was.

Then bestbuys in toronto still had some of the day one shago cards in stock for regular price if you asked them to get them from the back, so i did so got that for regular price. the KI arcade stick (220) + modified wife`s injustice ps3 stick so it can work on xbox one and ps4 as well (another 200), the $20 version of season 1 + $40 version of s2 + the discounted classic costume pack of S1…dont remember the cost.

For S3, will get whatever package grants the classic costumes. Wife is due around late march - early april…twins…so, not sure i will play much but if it does launch early - in march instead, will play as much as i can then.


Seasons 1 and 2: 39.99 each, which is about 80 bucks rounded up.

I don’t nessicarally count the XB1 because I did get it for reasons other than KI. But it was certainly one of the reasons.

I also remember when I bought the Shago thing for the fund-raise to…


Quite a bit but this game is wonderful!

Too Much to count.

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Over $1k for me. No regrets.