How much money have you spent in this game?

About 300 to 400. No regrets.
Will buy another fightstick for that free (lol) @KrizmKazm template and s3 for sure.

To compare, for SF4 i bought more than 500 worth:

Xbox 360 version both disc and dl version.
ps3 version of SSFIV on disc, and USFIV
Fight stick
All costumes.
I stopped buying around Omega version came out.

$60 Day one Shago card
$40 Season one Ultra
$40 Season two Ultra
$40 Community bundle x2

So around $180 plus tax.

Day One Edition XboxOne
Day One Shadow Jago Card
Ultimate Pin Edition Season One
Ultra Edtion Season 2

$60 Day one Shago card I usually get 1 year for $29
$179 Fight Stick
$20 Season One Ultra I got the Combo Breaker Edition for FREE from Microsoft
$30-35 Season Two Ultra Whatever the discounted rate was for owning Season One Ultra Edition
$48 Shadow Jago action Figure with base(It’s not a statue)

I’ll buy season Three as soon as it’s available !!!

60 bucks

20 on season 1 Ultra edition during the holidays

20 on season 2 Ultra edition during the holidays the year following

20 on Shago fund

Will probably spend another 20 next holiday season for season 3 Ultra Edition.

You can get a KI decal? Could you tell us whereyou got it - I have an elite and wouldn’t mind getting one for it.

I made it using a decal maker. I think you might have a hard time though so I think you might need some help. Here you go though.