How much Killer Instinct do you play?

I play so much that I ignore my wife and kid. Sometimes I’ll be on the whole day and forget to eat when it’s already bed time. Obviously I’ll stop playing to use the bathroom or look at the forums. Even when I don’t want to play I still play. Sometimes I’ll be late for work because I wanted to finish a match or I was raging and wanted to at least get a win. I’ll say about an average per day I play about 8 to 11 hours. I rarely sleep. Even while at work killer instinct would be on my mind all day.

How about you guys? Also if some of you are kind of like me, how do you deal with it?

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On regular days I play like, 2, 3 hours. 8 to 1 hours seems like a long time, I used to be able to play games that long but nowadays 4, 5 hours is the max. I never play that long when I’m by myself.

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I have some days like this. If I have more than say 2 consecutively I will tell the wife I wanna get out of the house or literally disconnect my Xbox/keep it out of sight.

As a suggestion, I bought a M155 portable screen and I use it as my main station for KI, having the game separate from my TV makes it easier to separate game time and quality time with the wife or anything else non-KI related. I can easily take out the screen and play a few rounds before bed, or if my wife wants to watch certain shows like Love & Hip Hop that make me want to perform a real life Ultra on most of the cast, I can easily grab the screen and put on my headset, boom, back to the Astral Plane.

Just some suggestions, hope it helps.

p.s: Everything in moderation. however, unless you genuinely feel KI is hurting you somewhere in your life personally or is preventing you from doing things you want to do, go on and enjoy yourself. You are a responsible adult, I’m sure you deserve it.

Take Care & God Bless.



Killer Instinct varies - anywhere between 30 min. to 3 hours per day. These forums? Maybe 2 hours per day. On Xbox Live, by comparison, though? About 12+ hours per day.


same here, but i take time to sleep .

Dependng on day I play like 2-4 hours. I am freelancer and my job is at home so I spent my breaks at home, and have opportunity to snatch some matches.

I get tired and take breaks after around 20 matches, altough I dont neglect my real life duties because of game. My gripe is that I have my “stack of shame” of single player games that I want to beat, but I dont because I prefer KI :smiley:

Well, it sounds like we three need to hang out and share the bliss of our harmless addiction! My gamertag is SE1Z3, I’m playing right now actually, checking forums in between matches on my IPad. Send me a msg/invite.

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Ki specifically, about 30mins to an hour per day. Despite the fact they’ve added a bunch of content over 3 years, it’s still mostly the same game mechanics as season 1. KI is probably one of the few games to keep me interested for 3 years+ so props to IG/DH. Shadow lords mode is interesting me so far, so it’s a bit more than my average playtime, and if they are updating the mode with new content, it’ll help keep things fresh.

no probleme bro but i work now :joy:. the first thing i do when i reach home thats to kiss my GF then begin Ki, a bad attitude :scream:. ill add you so we can play a set sometime.
these hours playing are mostly in the weekend .

I used to play KI a lot, but so much any more. I’m an Admin for Society of Shadows on Destiny, so most of my time is being spent is on preparing for ROI and helping new reqruites in the Raid. When I do play KI though, I spend one to two hours.

After Sadira changes, there will be copious amounts of time spent in the lab, testing out the new changes.

Don’t worry, man, I took care of him for you… :smirk:

I play KI an hour or so a day, but some days I just don’t have the time.

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I hear ya bro… Sometimes there is just no time for KI… :frowning:

Man don’t ignore your wife and kid. Get help.


I play at least 1 to 2 hours of Killer Instinct on my free days off work.

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I play a lot until (about 2 hours a night) I hit a wall in Ranked. That’s pretty much always the ‘low gold’ wall. Forever a master rank, nothing more. Being a working professional with a family, and a bit older than most here, I just don’t have the interest to put in the work of matchup studying it takes to go higher. I certainly have the time since I’ve drifted off to other games and spend hours on them daily, I just don’t care to spend my gaming time learning matchups.

So these days it’s 0 hours a day, or maybe 2 hours a day, one day a week, until Shadow Lords drops then I’ll see what that’s all about.

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Too much lol … especially for an entrepreneur (music teacher and composer). I thought about going back to teaching for a school district, just so I can get better at the game and play more competetively again lol. This is the first game where I’ve been super happy (aka obsessed) to play darn near every day multiple times a day. Between the game itself, the forums, youtube and twitch … God help us all! :slight_smile:

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I play a lot on Live, and a lot of that is KI. That said, I make sure to set time aside for the wife and kids, they’re what truly matters after all. Not to mention if I am not a good steward of the responsibility of caring and teaching my kids, then ultimately they and the society they influence will pay the price.

In three years time, I’ve managed just under 1,900 hrs in KI, so I’d say I play a lot. :smirk:

Depends on how tired I am I’ll try to get at least 30 minutes in minimum daily. If not then I save my time for the weekend which is about 2 to 3 hours depending on what needs to be done around the farm.

Not saying this is the case, especially since you go on to say that the family is what truly matters, but the way this particular quote is phrased, it almost sounds like KI is the priority here. I found that kind of funny - a bit of dark humor. :hushed: