How many mains do you have/Or will you have?

So… I’m The kinda person who wants to main as many characters In so if you will please post the number of mains you have and their names in this thread :wink: also why you choose to play them

  1. Thunder
    I’ll be honest. Thunder didn’t appeal to me until his trailer came out (which almost sold me on Ki BTW) But he looked cool, the grappling abilities of his moveset. He is just fun and a solid, hard hitting character

  2. Spinal
    Ah yes the character which took my money for the game. Spinal is very tricky to learn but once you get the hang of it, he is a Monster! I like his curses a lot right now and the new instinct in season 3.

  3. Riptor
    Just a fun character. Riptor was my Main in KI1, and then she came out in season 2 :slightly_smiling: In Which she is great easy-to-learn character :smiley: Also Mortars are awesome! BOOM! They are coming in season 3!

  4. Aganos
    One of the most fun characters IMO. I Love his chunk system and his story is one of the best!



Omen, Sabrewulf, Thunder and Tusk


Sadira, Sadira, and sometimes Jago. :3

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Kim Wu, Jago, Rash :frog:, Tusk.

In that order.

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Jago is undeniably my main. The other characters are somewhat fillers.








Everyone expect none

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As anyone who’s ever played me or spoken with me much can attest to, my first and only current main is Thunder. I downloaded the game for Spinal (for obvious reasons) but never quite put the time into playing him. I found Maximillian Dood’s streams and videos around the same time I found KI, and I watched his Week Of, realized how brutal Thunder could be with all his tomahawking, body slams, and headbutts, and decided that was a path I wanted to walk.

I have several other characters I’m interested in eventually learning well, like Spinal, Sabrewulf, Hisako, and Aganos, and DEFINITELY expect to add Tusk as my second “main” level character - I loved playing Seigfried in the Soul Calibur series, and some of the elements Tusk brings remind me of his gameplay; I’m also excited to try the Arbiter, and to see the new characters who have yet to be revealed. Maybe others will join the list.

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I don’t use the word “main” ever. I use everyone.
Favorites, though, are Glacius, Maya, and Sadira.

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but mostly Tusk


Ditto…but mostly…You Will No Longer Need This!

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You can’t have multiple “mains” That defeats the purpose of the word which is to identify your main character among multiple characters that you play.


I main The Main Man, Jago, but I will most assuredly be maining Kim as well. Tusks has caught my eye a bit as well, so I’ll have him as a pocket character along with baby Orchid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s also kinda hard to say when you play multiple characters…

What would be better a better word?

Fun fact: I was gonna try to learn the kan. But then…Idk. I felt dirty playing him. :confused:


Sadira and Shago, as well as Fulgore.

ARIA, Riptor, and Aganos.

I’m absolutely maining Rash, and I plan on maining Gargos if he is included in this season XD.

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Mains: Glacius, Cinder, Arbiter, Omen

Secondaries: Orchid, Kim Wu and Shadow Jago

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Fulgore,Jago,Shago,Aria,Rash,Arbiter,and Kim Wu. Maybe tusk.

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Depends on when Eyedol joins the fight.

So far Glacius and Shago.

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Primary: Jago
Secondaries: Fulgore and Hisako
Future: Kim Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

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I play the whole cast, but I’m level 50 with Shago, Omen, Spinal and Hisako. I consider Shago my MAIN main. Also I’m level 50 with Hisako, but I’m still terrible with her, so maybe she shouldn’t be on my list :sob:

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