How many characters in Season 3?

At one time during KIWC stream, Max was talking about is work on Season 3 and he said, at least that is what I understood, that there will probably be 8 characters at season 3 launch!!! Am I the only one who heard this??

If that’s the case, how many characters do you guys think S3 will have? I feel 4 chars after release woul be a fair number.

I’m so freakin excited!

He asked Keits if this was the case. It’s a safe answer to assume so, but Keits said something along the lines of “It’s not announced yet.”

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5 characters release sounds more realistic

-Kim Wu
-New character: new Ultratech creation

Post launch:
-New character: General from Kan-Ra bio(also he is the vampire)
-Gargos minion(Female demon)

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U sell me dreams man :heart_eyes: .


hahah I Swear I heard Max say so alongside keits! Hopefully it’s not a dream!

If I remember correctly Keits said “maybe, it’s not announced yet” .


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4 characters probably. I’d be shocked to have 6 at launch.

Kim Wu

I think 3 characters at release; rash, kim wu and the arbiter.
really hope for at least 4 characters, 4th one being tusk of course.
But i dont think so.
They did anounced (on ign) that season 3 would launch with more characters than season 2 did.
Season 2 launched with 2 characters; tj combo and maya.
So we can expect 3 characters and we can only hope for more at launch.
Anyway kim wu, rash and arbiter is a good start together with all the changes.

I think even if they have more characters in a nearly finished state, they will still aim for 3 or 4. Nothing keeps interest in the game than releasing a new character every month.

1 - Rash
2 - Kim Wu
3 - Arbiter
4 - Tusk
5 - new character (Vampire)
6 - new character
7 - Eyedol
8 - Gargos

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Two scenarios:

1- 4 characters, but the Arbiter not among them
2- 5 Characters, with the Arbiter among them

Why? Because I don’t see S3 releasing with more Guest characters than original KI characters. With that in mind, and knowing that Kim Wu and Rash are the most finished characters, it’s also a good idea to show as soon as possible a brand new character. This is the first time we see the Arbiter and Rash in a fighting game, and although Kim and Tusk surelly have new movesets, they are “heritage” from other game, but sure IG wants to go nuts with a new character from the scrach, and this is a golden opportunity

I think and hope that the 2 guests are out of the usual 8 character count for the season. 10 character would be perfect.

2 guest
3 classics (no eyedol please)
5 brand new (the real good stuff)

If I had to guess for Season 3 characters total I would hope for 10. I think IG may go for a little more this Season.

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Since Kim Wu, Rash, Arbiter are the only ones revealed at this point, it is clear to me they are the furthest ahead in production and will be there at launch. We may only hope for more.

I think people banking on Eyedol being among the cast are very naive.
We also already have Omen, so yet ANOTHER Gargos minion seems overkill, and honestly, puts me off a bit.

I think we’ll get:

  1. Kim Wu
  2. Rash
  3. Arbiter
  4. Tusk
  5. New character (perhaps vampire)
  6. Gargos
  7. New sibling character (likely Mayas sister (also perhaps vampire))
  8. New character (perhaps another guest)
  9. Bonus, no idea. Believers may put Eyedol

In noe particular order except the launch ones.

tusk 4 chara? no way!

My release bet

New char (frankenstein contortionist female monster

NewChar ( Water monster “black lagoon monster”)
NewChar (Vampire)
Bonus - Eyedol cuz we will pay for it (like Shago)

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Why? We need they bring Eyedol back for KI season 3 because IG could remake Eyedol.

Honestly, he’s just too silly of a character. His design was terrible, is gameplay was not interesting… just a bad character. Ken Lobb thinks so too, he doesn’t add anything to the game. Also the fact that the entire new story revolves around Gargos as the ultimate enemy suggests that they skipped the whole Eyedol thing… THANK GOD:P

Thank god? You should not say that because Season 3 is not finish… I mean what if they really bring Eyedol back and you’ll still hate him? No, I don’t think so. I believe IG could remake Eyedol’s design, gamplay and etc.

they could, and if they do I hope he doesn’t turn out silly:( But it seems that nobody at IG/MS likes him:P