How many characters in Season 3?

Did you know Kevin Bayliss like him? He want bring Eyedol back too.

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Tusk will come later. MS/IG knows that’s what the people want.

I agree. Tusk will come towards the end of the season.

Safe bet is nine, like the last two seasons.

I say nine characters with one being a community funded shadow character.

I think that is like this:

  • 12 Characters:
  • 4 Returning Characters:
    • Kim Wu
    • Tusk
    • Eyedol (He will be back! Maya was just a generic amazon girl in KI2 and was brought back, why Eyedol can’t? He is generic? Well, Gargos’s design is even more generic than Eyedol’s!)
    • Gargos
  • 5 New Characters (I hear someone saying that Iron Galaxy already have 5 ideas for New Characters. One could be a Bonus Character, but I don’t think IG will make more “Bonus Characters”, I think they will prefear make a full character instead)
  • 3 Guests (Rash, Arbiter and I think someone from Gears of War)

I think that there will be three 3X3 Grade. One for each season:

One in the left (Season 1)

One in the center (Season 2)

And one in the right (Season 3)

The Guests Characters will have a a 3X1 Grad in the bottom of the center

That’s what I think. But 12 Characters is too much… :confused:
I don’t know… :confused:

Kim Wu
5.New Character Male Vampire
7.New Character female Medusa
8.New character Male 6 armed Sub Boss
9.Bonus Shadow Orchid

Season 3 will have Kim Wu, Arbiter, and seven Rash variations.

The amount of cameos would literally kill me.


  • Kim-Wu
  • Tusk
  • Gargos
  • Eyedol


  • Rash
  • Arbiter


  • Maya’s Sister Mira
  • Male Vampire (Unused from KI2)

“Bonus” character:

  • ???

It… Naked Arbiter!

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I’d be down with the bonus character being the Sharkman or Nox.

Then again, I’d be down with whatever. :grin:

I’d honestly be okay if it was another alt character like Shago, as much as i don’t like the idea of Eagle being in the game I know he’s a heavily requested one… So a non-canon Eagle clone for Fulgore would be okay I think.

I’d support another Shadow character. Orchid, Kim, Spinal, or Kan-ra seem like the most likely candidates.
I still believe the best way for them to do Eagle would be to make a robocop eagle as an alternate skin for Fulgore.

I’m in the other ballpark, I do not under any circumstances want another Shadow character. There are so many better things they could do with that roster slot.

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What other kind of Shago like alt character would you propose then? Aside from Eagle, the only other kind of alt character I can think of right now would be Enlightened Jago(to run the opposite of Shago), Human Spinal, and human Sabrewulf, but those don’t sound too interesting to me.

i predict at total of 9 charactfers

3 old characthers
Kim Wu

4 New character

2 guest characters
Rash (battle toads)
Thel 'Vadam (arbiter)

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I’d much rather see a holy version of an evil character than another shadow clone, or maybe something like Omen that is completely new altogether. The whole “possessed good guy” thing has been done, it’s a key part of Jago’s back story with the Tiger spirit and I think making another shadow character would only serve to diminish the significance of that part of the lore.

I would greatly prefer more new content than the low hanging fruit that is additional shadow characters.

I understand that, I’m not too keen on another shadow character unless the story absolutely demands it. If they made it work right I’d be okay with it, but I’d rather see something new.

I would rather see Eyedol show up with a minion of his own to take on Gargos than have another Shadow character.


Hopefully it’s just one dudeXD

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