How KI could get some attention again

  1. Add the Definitive Edition to Xbox Game Pass (on Xbox & PC).
    It’s a mystery to me that KI isn’t on there already when every other big Xbox Game is included.
    I don’t think it would be difficult at all and it’s an easy way to get more people to at least try it out!

  2. Port KI (and 1&2 Classic) on the Switch with Crossplay!
    I think KI would fit perfectly on Switch.
    The outdated look of KI isn’t as important there and could actually be a good thing!
    I imagine it could run just fine in 1080p or 720p with reduced particle effects and still look just as good as it does on Xbox One S or PC with lowered settings and still get stable 60fps.
    The only real competition on Switch is MK11, which is arguably the worst way to play MK11.
    (Almost non-existing lightning, all life missing from the stages, unstable framerate, and in the Krypt a fog that looks like it’s ripped straight from Turok 1 and 2)
    KIs beginner friendliness is perfect to make this a game that you can take to your friends and play on a party and on the go.
    And last but not least, the old KIs were on Nintendo consoles, it’s only fitting for KI to go back to its roots!

According to Game Pass’ twitter, KI Definitive Edition is coming to GP on 7/25. Other games they just announced include:

Night Call, 7/17
Metal Gear Solid V: 7/18
Banner Saga 3: 7/18
Resident Evil 4: 7/25
For The King: 7/25

As for Switch Crossplay of KI 1 & 2, I certainly wouldn’t mind it. I also wouldn’t mind if they considered porting KI DE to Switch.

Granted, this would normally be a pipe dream, but given that MS and Nintendo are a bit closer these days, it might make sense for both sides. For Nintendo, it’s not like Switch has a metric ton of fighting games, so adding one from their “rival,” especially from a series that began as Nintendo exclusive, might interest people.

On MS’ side, it stands to reason that they’ve made 99.9% of the money they’re going to make from KI:DE already. So why not give it t a new audience that might appreciate it and who knows, if MS has KI4 in development, maybe this gets some Switch owners a little more interested in Scarlet. If not, at least you probably got a little more money out of a six year old game.

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Yeah man, you missed it by like an hour, lol.