How do you think Celldweller and AtlasPlug has been doing?

Hey guys.
In kinda interested in hearing what you guys think by now…
We’ve gotten all but one track for season 3 now, so think we’re at an okay point to give our judgements.

I personally think they’re making good music, but it’s not for KI.

The Tusk theme is epic as hell (except for the out of place electronic sounds)… I love that theme, also for KI

Rash’s theme it awesome (although I wished with all of my heart it had way more MIDI)… but for some reason I don’t feel like it fits KI enough… maybe it’s less dynamic in a way? Not sure

Kim’s theme again I like, although I feel that except for the Asian parts, it’s pretty generic…

The rest of them… well…
Think they’re all pretty generic tracks that does not fit KI one bit… especially Raam and Arbiter’s tracks… they’re slow as all hell, and don’t really pack any kind of punch at all :’(

And the Mira theme would have been awesome, if again they didn’t mix in the out of place electronic sounds.

I know it sounds like by now, that I’m against electronic sounds, but I’m not at all… I love several of Celldwellers own tracks, I love drum’n’bass, I like dubstep, I like Techno, even some hardstyle… and there’s plenty more electronic stuff I listen to.

But if you don’t know when to stop with putting electric "wup wup"s into music where it doesn’t belong, I guess my honest judgement would be, to keep to what you’re good at, and leave something like KI, where you’re supposed to be good at MANY genres (both mixed and alone), to someone better.

I was one of the people saying that I was happy we had new blood for this season… not because Mick wasn’t good, but because it seemed like he either ran out of ideas, or more likely, didn’t have enough time, to make it as epic as the first season.

So far Tusk theme is still my favorite for S3. Arbiter I like some parts of the song same with Mira theme.
The rest I’m not feeling anything for. Gargos to me sounds extremely generic…

I dunno. I feel like Mick was writing sweeping, epic tracks and CD&AP are writing for the radio. The themes are a lot more compact nowadays and in some ways that’s good (I love Cinder’s theme, but no lie, it gets boring to listen to the full track sometimes because it’s like 7:30). I don’t necessarily have a problem with electronic stuff, but I would agree that the ■■■■■■■ wub wub does not belong in Mira’s theme and it would have been absolutely perfect without it. Arbiter and Tusks’s theme are both really good if short and somewhat repetitive. Kim Wu’s theme and Rash’s theme I’m just not a huge fan of. I like that one bit in Kim Wu’s theme that plays during the combo, but the rest is kinda forgettable. Gargos’s theme is just kind of disappointing to me, because it wasn’t a followup from Omen’s theme so much as its own standalone thing which I feel was a bit worse.

I haven’t heard RAAM’s theme yet, nor anything from Gears of War, so maybe it’s good. Overall it’s a mixed bag, but definitely not bad and definitely not not KI-style, just different from Mick’s style.


I like the fact it’s not like micks. The s3 music for me is on par or better than the other seasons and they were epic.
Rashs is 1 of my favourite ever themes as is tusks


First 4 songs this season are amazing… Tusk’s may be my favorite in the entire game. Gargos’ is a bit weak, though it’s just a remake of the original. Mira’s is quite good. I feel Raam’s coulda been better.

All the new tracks are good and I dont mind in the game…but none of them have the staying power of outside the game like Micks work does. Micks tracks stay in both my vehicles and my family loves to listen to when we are driving around. The new tracks I dont have the urge to listen to outside of the game.
But the worst part of the new tracks IMO is the ultra themes! They are just bad! They dont fit the song! its like where did this odd mix of sounds come from?


I’d say Kim and Arby’s ultra themes fit but I kinda agree with you on the rest

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Kim’s is one of my least favorites…I cant stand the tone of that keyboard sound. it doesn’t mix with the song. Arbiters and Miras are cool. Raams is odd sounding too. Rash is ok

Like Cinders… Cinders is perfect and it flows directly from the song to the Ultra with the same exact guitar tone on both pieces.

I personally think they’ve been knocking it out of the park.

My perspective on this is a little unique since I have studio/pro audio experience - so when I listening I’m not only hearing the song/how it fits the character, but I’m also hearing granular aspects that other folks might not consider. Honestly their sound design and mixing has been absolutely stellar. There’s some very technical stuff going on in automation and synthesis. Blending orchestral sounds with rock sounds with EDM sounds, and doing so effectively, is no small feat.

Gargos’ theme is definitely a stand-out among the rest of the tracks. It’s pretty one-dimensional compared to the rest but true to the original. It becomes a matter of whether or not you dig that vibe, because it’s the only vibe coming.


Yeah… I agree that they don’t have the same quality they need outside of the game.

If I buy Season 3’s soundtrack it would solely be to Support KI…
I like listening to Tusk and Rash, but two tracks doesn’t justify buying an album…
Season 1 and 2 still play all the time in my car and at work… and in my home.
The only ones I’m a little tired of is Omen and Sabrewulf’s, because of the pause before the “bonus” music, not the tracks themselves

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And @GazR_J I don’t mind that it’s not Mick’s sound either… the problem is just that I don’t feel the same passion and epicness in the new tracks, except for Tusk.

I like that we’re getting a new style… it only amplifies the whole thing about KI having crazy good music in a huge variety of genres

Problem just is, that I don’t feel the season 3 music is good enough to be part of the KI legacy

As do I and I get what you are saying but in the end all that doesn’t matter. Yes they are technical audio wizards, yes they have a nice studio and can play the hell out of the keyboard…but CD’s guitar playing sucks and the tone of the guitar sucks… and there is literally no bass (…And Justice for all?) But most importantly is isnt memorable like Micks work. Its just game music in the end and not a song by a bad ■■■ band.
Its not horrible and Im not saying I dont enjoy it. But if I had to pick between these 2 and Mick I would pick Mick in a Tera-flop!

The Gargos theme is cool and very Death Metal but I can only Imagine what Mick would have done with the Gargos theme!


If their music adds atmosphere and/or energy to the fight, I’m perfectly fine with it. I even like Riptor’s theme because of this reason (yes I know it was made by Mick but I’m just stating a point). Maybe I just have low standards, but good music is good music, and I don’t like to downplay quality because it may or may not be “as good” as something else.

Forgot to answer you also :-\

But yeah, pretty much what @FallofSeraphs76 says…
It’s nice and all that they’re technical wizard’s, but if the “feel” isn’t there it just doesn’t matter how skilled they are.

It’s the EXACT same with guitar solos… the most awesome ones are often the more simple ones.
Often the guitar players who makes a solo, solely to show of what he can do, makes a bad solo that’s just gonna be kinda annoying in the end

And yes @FallofSeraphs76 … a Mick version of Gargos would VERY likely have been epic as ■■■■

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It’s more than enough to be in KI’should legacy. The sweeping orchestra of tusks. The 8 bit awesomeness of rash’s. Not all micks were home runs and I say that as someone to loves micks take on them.
Riptors is forgetable. Kan and aganos are very similar and arias is pretty wub wub.
Raams is standard gears and miras is different but growing on me.


Tusk’s theme is my favorite in the game. That’s pretty damn impressive.

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Yeah see - a lot of the counter-points are subjective - you either like their style or you don’t. Seraph’s isn’t into CD’s riffage/synth-sounding guitar tones (often underlaid with synth, to be sure) and LordCrisp isn’t grabbed by the feel of it. That’s cool - really no way to say you guys are wrong about that kind of stuff. Just like I’m not wrong for not feeling the same way you guys do. It’s music, at the end of the day.

To be clear, I’m also a huge fan of Mick’s work, in KI and beyond. I was jamming Shatterhail in my truck just yesterday on the way home from work. His work on DOOM is freaking incredible.

I just wanted to add my $0.02 in regards to the technical requirements of what they are doing. It’s really difficult stuff and they’re doing really well executing it.

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I like all of the S3 tracks for the most part. I think Tusk, Mira, and RAAM’s are exceptional. They all capture the feel of the character spot on. Arbiter’s theme is cool, def sounds like Halo, which I feel fits the stage more than the character. Rash’s theme fits him, but I think sounds awkward on every stage. Gargos’ theme is fast pace and menacing, but to me sounds like a theme fit for a boss in another game - not Gargos. I like that its a redone version of his original theme, but I felt the same way about his theme in KI 2. And Kim’s theme is my least favorite of the bunch. Very forgettable imo.

Same I have both S1 and S2 that I listen to daily, driving, working out, and even at the job. I thought I would be sick of these songs but each time I hear them it’s like I’m listening to them for the very first time. There are some songs I like more than others.

The ultra themes…I agree with you. I like Arbiter’s okay the rest are very weak. No rhythm just a bunch of noise. IMO.

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I heard a shatterhail remix the other day GODLIKE. :persevere:

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