How do I Install Season 3?

I pre-ordered season 3 for xbox one but when i open killer instinct it starts up as normal with no prompt for installing season 3. I also went to the store to see if I needed to install it from there but it shows as “installed” when it hasn’t? Ive seen people who have already installed the game successfully so can anyone help with this as there is just little info about how to install this available

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Same here

Season 3 is an update. So starting now you should get a notification to update KI when you launch it within the next hour or two. You wont get it instantly as they are gradually rolling it out so be patient.

Try reinstalling the game.

Thats what I’m doing. Theres no confirmation of this but I feel if I reinstall it now while Season 3 is rolling out I’ll automatically get the latest build, bypassing the long update process but we’ll see.

Keep me posted on this

No problem, will do!

Will uninstalling and reinstalling the game be quicker than just waiting to update it?

It should take up the same amount of time because title updates basically reinstall the characters anyway.

my xbox one started the auto update and the version for windows 10 is available now. Currently downloading for my xbox one then my PC. it says its 21 GB

Same thing here. I am not uninstalling unless it is confirmed I have to though, I will be here even longer if I have to do that.

But yeah, same thing. It says installed at the store, but the game launches normal…but I do have the double XP icons on the S2 select screen tho

I dont think you have to. I’m just reinstalling from Season 2 experience. I’d normally never get characters on release day unless I reinstalled, but I dont mind because I have rather fast internet. Wouldnt recommend it if your internet isnt great where you are, better just being patient and launching the game every 15 minutes or so to see if it prompts you to update!

how much does it say on xbox? im reinstalling and it says 27.6GB, dont know if thats more than before.

i diddn’t uninstall my game, i selected KI on my home screen and it went to saying KI has a new update. The update is 21 GB

So it’s 20 minutes past the mark. When do us PC players get to download?

I went to manage game and it says S3 ultra is installed, and for some reason Rash was ready to and installed, but that’s it. No prompts for an update or anything lol

Some people on these forums are downloading it right now. Check the Windows 10 store!

Ok I just got the update prompt, thanks guys! Starting now, ill let you know how it goes when it finishes next year :laughing:

I can confirm reinstalling worked for me! I’m getting the Season 3 startup screen when I boot up the game after it said “Ready to Start”

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Yeah I remember installed it 2. Tusk and Kim were 1st to download.
After about 20% downloaded it’ll say Reay to start and the start up screen should be different